Anderson Cooper confronts banana peel-mailing woman, is declared hero!/andersoncooper/status/284843260021710848

Look, don’t mess with Anderson Cooper. The CNN host was dodging rocket fire in the Middle East just a month ago, so don’t think he’s going to let you jam that banana peel into a mailbox.

.@andersoncooper Dude, stop. Tell me Kathy Griffin hacked your page. You argued with a woman stuffing a banana peel in a mailbox? LOL

— rolandsmartin (@rolandsmartin) December 29, 2012

“@andersoncooper:Got in2 argument w a lady who was trying 2 stuff a banana into a mailbox.”ur like a superhero againt petty crimes

— John Leguizamo (@JohnLeguizamo) December 29, 2012

the conscience of a nation MT @andersoncooper: Got into argument on street today with a lady trying to stuff a banana peel into a mail box.

— randi bergman (@randibergman) December 29, 2012

@andersoncooper If it had a stamp, you have no case.

— Sam Yunono (@SamYunono) December 29, 2012

.@andersoncooper I’d be mad too. Banana peels are meant to be left in the street for cartoons to slip on.🍌

— Marc Sinoway (@marcsinoway) December 29, 2012

@andersoncooper sticking up for mail boxes all across America!

— Blake Ellis (@blake_ellis2048) December 29, 2012

@andersoncooper u are a modern day knight in shining armor

— Tecla Van Bussel (@teclavanb) December 29, 2012

@andersoncooper I was wondering why my banana peel hadn’t arrived yet! Thanks a lot, Cooper…

— Lee Zachariah (@leezachariah) December 29, 2012

@andersoncooper Batman can’t get to everything, thanks for covering on that one

— K Anderson (@KevJAnderson) December 29, 2012

@andersoncooper OK, you need a big bag of weed, a cabin in the woods, and about 4 weeks R & R. Take a break AC.

— SwampGas (@SwampGas) December 29, 2012

Yes, there’s an eyewitness.

@andersoncooper my bf and I were walking behind you when that happened. Thanks for calling her out!

— Kayla O’Connell (@KaylaOco) December 29, 2012

@andersoncooper Seriously hoping banana isn’t a euphemism.

— Darius Mistry (@_Carpe_DM) December 29, 2012

Us too.

@andersoncooper your banana peel my mailbox anytime anywhere

— chadtuckernyc (@chadtuckernyc) December 29, 2012

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