Austin’s ban on plastic assault bags goes into effect!/icwhatudo/status/308008430642294784

Despite dire warnings of sequesterpocalygeddon, millions awakened yesterday to business as usual. Residents of Austin, Texas, did notice one small change that had nothing to do with budget cuts: the city’s ban on plastic assault bags went into effect March 1, catching many by surprise despite a year-long education campaign.

Today is the first day of the ‘no one-time-use bags’. Up here in North Austin everyone was so confused. It was madness. #GroceryStoreTweets

— Lyndee McKinley (@lyndeemckinley) March 1, 2013

Dear Austin People, HEB no longer gives free plastic bags. If you don’t bring in your reusable bags they will charge you $1 to bag yo shit

— Defender of Realms (@IamJOHN_RNS) March 1, 2013

As of today, the city of Austin has banned single use bags in stores.No more plastic or paper bags.Gotta buy your own bags. What a pain.

— Michael Clayton (@bassthumpa) March 1, 2013

First day of the bag ban in Austin and I completely forgot to take my reusable bags! Ugh!

— Angela K (@angiekraz) March 1, 2013

Guess who has to carry all the stuff to the car because forgot about the no plastic bags in Austin.. This guy

— Jonathan Luna (@jonathanlunaa) March 2, 2013

Oooo yeah… Had to walk to car to get my reusable bags. NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS in #austin.

— ∞ Nicole Forbes ∞ (@livehappy8) March 1, 2013

No more plastic bags in austin today. Better start remembering those reusable bags for real now. #fuck

— katelyn jones (@katelynj0nes) March 1, 2013

To all who voted to ban bags in Austin:I hope you find yourself at HEB with no reusable bags while making your biggest purchase of the year

— Amy Cassidy (@amy_sassidy) March 1, 2013

I would go to HEB the day the no plastic bags law takes effect. If ever I hated hippy Austin, it’s when I’m paying $15 for grocery bags.

— Kelsea Reeves (@kelseareeves) March 1, 2013

First day of no plastic bags in Austin…had to walk out with everything in my hands

— Vira (@elvira_g08) March 1, 2013

So glad that Austin is banning paper and plastic bags. They’re saving so many lives.

— MARCUS (@THESHIMOTZ) March 1, 2013

These hippie ass bitches in Austin. carrying raw ass chicken in cloth bags talking bout wash it.

— Ked (@KedTooLegit) March 1, 2013

Mothafuckin bag ban starts today in Austin freakin doucheBAGS. BRING YO OWN BAGS OR SHOVE YO FISH HOOK UP YOUR URETHRA

— ezb3t (@ezb3t) March 1, 2013

March 1st. It’s the beginning of the Plastic Bag Ban in Austin,Tx. Dont forget to take your reusable bags or Cargo pants to the stores.

— RubenSifuentes (@mmm_hmm) March 1, 2013

No more plastic bags in Austin now? They’re taking away my bathroom trash bags! Bastards!!!

— Willie B. (@williebnwc) March 1, 2013

Austin Bag Ban: Good for the trees and good for the thieves! Shoplifting is likely to increase when customers shop with bags #whatsyourtake?

— Amanda Grindele (@AmandaGrindele) March 1, 2013

Austin’s #BagBan starts today. I wonder if you can get in trouble for dealing plastic bags?

— TXCANNON (@TXcannon) March 1, 2013

Hey Austin people,I have 2 plastic grocery bags in my car. I’d sell them for $20 a piece. You’ll call me tomorrow.

— Nathan Hubble (@natehub) March 1, 2013

I made $5k today selling plastic single use bags on the corner #austin #newlaws

— Dan Bettinger (@grigz) March 1, 2013

In future #Austin, single-use plastic bags will be currency. Steal them NOW from the recycling box outside your favorite grocery.

— Eric Kennedy (@EricKennedyATX) March 1, 2013

Hoarding all my plastic bags because they’ll be worth something someday. *day 1 of Austin bag ban*

— Bird (@becabird) March 2, 2013

Enforcement of the ban “will be driven by complaints from the public,” reports “People can call the city’s nonemergency 311 line to report businesses violating the ban.”

If the ban saves just one tree branch, it’ll have been worth it, right? But as with any ban, people are finding workarounds.

Drove a few extra miles south thx to #Austin City Council so we could do our grocery shopping in #Buda and choose #plastic bags! #bagtheban

— Kelly D. (@kellybird123) March 2, 2013

City Council figured out a way to reduce spendingin Austin. People will only buy what’s on the list as that’s how many bags we brought in.

— WendyChance (@WendyChance) March 2, 2013

Day 1 of No Plastic Bags in Austin. This lady forgot her groc. bags & didn’t want to buy any. Resourceful & Hilarious…

— debbielgray (@debbielgray) March 1, 2013

Give them plastic or give them death!

Apparently Austin made plastic bags illegal friggin hippies

— Aly Newton (@alynewton) March 3, 2013

so the city of Austin has removed plastic bags… FUCK YOU!

— ReginaGeorge (@snobbyish) March 3, 2013

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