Belarusian wins gold in women’s shot put, Twitterers viciously mock her looks; Update: Stripped of gold for doping!/AlexScullion/status/232560712680091649

Nadzeya Ostapchuk took home the gold medal today in the women’s shot put after a 21.36-meter launch. Rather than celebrating her achievement, though, countless Twitter trolls instead chose to hammer Ostapchuk — from a safe distance, of course — for not looking like a supermodel.

Most of the insults directed at Ostapchuk suggested that she is not, in fact, a woman. Lovely.

"@MillieTyson: belarus shot put is NOT a woman" oh my god .. She's a beast

— Cassie Hallala (@CassieHallala) August 6, 2012

"@DeonHope: Woman that win shot put gotta be a man!" It's true

— Damess (@Damii_GC6) August 6, 2012

Surely that 5 o'clock shadow on Nadzeya Ostapchuk in the womens shot put was a bit of a give away

— Jordan Lilley (@JLiL101) August 6, 2012

In true Olympic fashion, shouldn't they check the Shot put contestant from Belarus doesn't have a dick? She looks like a man and did well

— Elliott Lauder (@ElliottLauder) August 6, 2012

@connorbragg The woment in the shot put aren't like women, they are disgusting grunting males

— James (@_JamesDavies_) August 6, 2012

Ostapchuk is one horrendous looking human being. Mick Dundee would definitely be checking to see if she had balls #BEAST #Olympics

— Gareth McCarthy (@gagsy_mc) August 6, 2012

Pathetic. But the pigs just kept piling on:

Swear I just saw Shreks half sister on the shot-put

— Nash (@Notorious_Nasha) August 6, 2012

Cue the sexual filth:

How many pints until you would contemplate getting with that Ostapchuk lass? I'm gonna go for at least 9

— Jack Scarr (@JackScarrrrrrrr) August 6, 2012

You can just hear that shotputter lass OSTAPCHUK saying to her girlfriend "come over here and suck mammys' cock" can't you!

— colin hayes (@colinhayes50) August 6, 2012


Even celebrity classiness-monger Ricky Gervais weighed in:

Fortunately, chivalry is not completely dead. A few people rightly stood up and defended Ostapchuk against the haters:

Nadezha Ostapchuk just won gold at #olympics an people are making fun of her looks. Wtf! She just won gold and deserves all credit of that..

— Mikko Forsström (@Forcestrom) August 6, 2012

We couldn’t agree more. Congratulations to Ostapchuk on her win.

And to her misogynistic detractors: Shame on all of you.



Ostapchuk was stripped of her gold medal yesterday after testing positive for steroids.

After an IOC hearing, she was formally expelled from the games and had her victory and medal removed from the records. She was the eighth athlete, and first medalist, caught during the IOC’s London drug-testing program.

Track and field’s governing body, the IAAF, will consider further action against Ostapchuk, who could face a two-year ban from the sport.

[New Zealand’s Valerie] Adams was bumped up from Olympic silver to gold, with Evgeniia Kolodko of Russia upgraded to silver and fourth-place finisher Gong Lijiao of China moved up to bronze.

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