Bette Midler: Is it ‘hypocritical to be pro-life and anti gun control?’!/mosesmosesmoses/status/322410256388993025

The wind isn’t just beneath her wings; it’s between her ears.

Midler can’t wrap her head around the idea that being against abortion and in favor of the Second Amendment aren’t mutually exclusive:

Is it me or does it seem hypocritical to be pro-life and anti gun control?Just putting that out there…

— Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) April 11, 2013

Just putting it out there, huh? Allow us to just put some stuff out there:

.@bettemidler then explain the 400+ children killed last year in gun controlled

— hello moxy (@hellomoxy) April 11, 2013

@bettemidler Is it hypocritical to favor killing the innocent, and not the guilty?

— Lester Burnham (@BroodingPelican) April 11, 2013

Its our Right2Life & Liberty @bettemidler Is it me or does it seem hypocritical 2be pro-life & anti gun control? Just putting that out there

— cherie lee (@1littleangel2u) April 11, 2013

@bettemidler Armed security protects you. And that’s OK. But then you shouldn’t wonder why others deserve to protect their own lives.

— Melvin Udall (@Melvin_Udall_) April 11, 2013

Using @bettemidler‘s logic, she is pro-rape for supporting gun control. Guess Amanda Collins deserved it, eh Bette?…

— Rachel Veronica (@rachelveronica) April 11, 2013

@bettemidler I oppose people using guns to kill innocent people–but I do support a person’s right to own a gun to protect herself.

— C. L. Paur (@clpaur) April 11, 2013

@bettemidler So its okay to slaughter the un-born as some perceived right; but an actual right as per the Constitution is silly?

— Daniel LaMalfa (@cbyfrmhll) April 11, 2013

Maybe the laws just need a little tweaking:

@ibuymyownshit @bettemidler Maybe if abortion doctors used guns.

— Nation of Reason (@nationofreason) April 11, 2013

@bettemidler What if abortions were performed with guns?

— Hugo Hackenbush(@MangyLover) April 11, 2013

@bettemidler Seriously, if guns were used to perform abortions, wouldn’t you want them free and taxpayer provided, even to minors?

— Hugo Hackenbush(@MangyLover) April 11, 2013

Well, Bette? What say you?

Here’s what we think: we think that being pro-life means believing in protecting life. The Second Amendment helps to make that possible:

@bettemidler It’s pro-life to defend myself and my family with a gun.#2ndamendment

— AngelaCalabro (@AngelaCalabro) April 11, 2013

@bettemidlerBeing able to protect one’s self and family IS pro-life!

— Mary Bredlau (@BredlauMary) April 11, 2013




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