Brit Hume: ‘Woodward established that Pres. & Co twice told whoppers’!/brithume/status/307164992963235840

Never change, Mr. Hume. As Twitchy reported, Brit Hume recently pointed out President Obama’s “sky-is-falling” fear-mongering regarding the sequester. He rightfully stated that the president is seeking to make cuts as painful  as possible and asked, “is he a great man or what?”

Today, he weighs in on Bob Woodward and points out that, aside from anything else, Woodward clearly showed that Team Obama is full of “whoppers.”

@brithume What I do not get is how the mainstream media completely ignores these facts. And they wonder why they are losing viewers/readers.

— EverymanConservative (@EverymanVoice) February 28, 2013

Why? Because it doesn’t suit! The palace guard, known as the mainstream media, will do all to protect their golden child.

@brithume In other words, Woodward practiced real journalism, and for that he will never be forgiven by Obama media supporters

— Legal Insurrection (@LegInsurrection) February 28, 2013


Mr. Hume offers another thought on the Woodward matter.

On one hand, only Woodward can say if he felt threatened by WH email. On the other, hard to imagine feeling threatened by Gene Sperling.

— Brit Hume (@brithume) February 28, 2013

.@brithume Weasels are dangerous.

— laura w (@laurww) February 28, 2013

Indeed. And an exit question:

Is there any sign the Pres. has told his admin. to do all possible w/in the law to ameliorate any effects of the sequester? Just asking.

— Brit Hume (@brithume) February 28, 2013

If only lapdogs in the media would ask such things. But, you know, they are far too busy burying bones for the president.


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