Comcast cable ‘hacked,’ serves up nothing but Sarah Palin’s CPAC speech!/Kreager/status/313096405034074113

Is it just me or is Sara Palin on every Comcast channel…SMH

— Isaac Martinez (@IamIZZY_03) March 17, 2013

WHAT THE HECK COMCAST?!?! The Big East championship is on!! Why do you force me to watch Sarah Palin?!?!

— Zach Long (@Zach_Long20) March 17, 2013

We know that Sarah Palin can drive people “bat crap crazy” just like Ted Cruz said, but when some Comcast customers were treated to an all-Palin channel lineup in place of their regularly scheduled programming, well, this happened.

Why are #Comcast customers stuck watching Sarah Palin? Someone somewhere has some explaining to do.

— Charles M. Loring (@Charles_Loring) March 17, 2013

The problem, if you’d call it that, seems to be centered around Nashville, Tenn.

Curse you #Comcast hackers! Now the media will talk about Palin all night and into Sunday. Make it stop!

— Dan Bedore PR (@danbedore) March 17, 2013

Wait, seriously? Comcast has been hacked and is only showing Sarah Palin? This is for real?

— Austen Rachlis (@arachlis) March 17, 2013

For 9 minutes now, @comcast has forced me to watch Palin using the EAS. I think I read about that in 1984

— Scott A Cochran (@scottac87) March 17, 2013

Glad I’m not the only one that was unwillingly subjected to Sarah Palin’s ridiculousness… Thank you again Comcast for your incompetence

— Brittany Hollows (@bnhollows) March 17, 2013

my comcast is stuck on sarah palin and won’t let me change the channel in case you are wondering why i just drank liquid plumber

— Kara Clark (@karaclark) March 17, 2013

Comcast was apparently hacked in Tennessee, and whoever did it is putting Sarah Palin’s CPAC speech on every channel. Haha. #theyvotedforher

— JorClay Bergoglio (@ClayLaSoul) March 17, 2013

Hilarious? Yes.

So I hear Comcast is trolling Nashville by forcing you all to watch Sarah Palin at the CPAC. That. Is. HILARIOUS!!! #UverseCustomer

— Daniel Mills (@DMtheGeek) March 17, 2013

Is the culprit the Emergency Alert System? We know the country’s in trouble; is Comcast suggesting viewers stay tuned for further instructions from Sarah Palin?

Just got a text that Comcast Cable in TN has an EAS and it’s a repeat of a Sarah Palin speech. They can’t change the channel @pizzafilms

— Lori (@LoriGGFilmz) March 17, 2013

(Hat tip: ‏@NYCGuy2012)

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