Community Post: Alec Baldwin Rapped On Stage With Chance The Rapper Last Night And It Was Awesome

Someone give this man a record deal.

1. Alec Baldwin is an award winning actor, comedian, philanthropist, and silver fox, but now he has one more skill to add to his impressive resume: rapper.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images / Via

2. Last night, Baldwin was in Chicago to take part in the 15th anniversary of the Louder Than A Bomb youth poetry festival.

3. Chance The Rapper invited him onstage to debut his rap talents to the world.

Young Chicago Authors / Via

4. After the show, Chance shared another video of their collaboration.

Chance The Rapper / Via

5. Fans on Twitter were quite impressed with his performance, and asked what his new rap alter-ego will be called.

6. He already has a few ideas in the works.

. @GloriaBB2 Grandmaster A?Notorious ARB?RePUBLICan Enemy?

— ABFalecbaldwin (@ABFoundation)

7. Hopefully 2015 will be the year of the Notorious ARB mixtape.

Sony Pictures / Via

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