Crapweasel alert: Former Red Eye guest Dana Vachon joins Fox News-bashing bandwagon!/danavachon/status/318199493944291329

There are less than 10 people who knew who @danavachon was before his #RedEye appearances. Dissing @foxnews is so edgy, man. Hip us!

— CatsPolitics (@CatsPolitics) March 31, 2013

So, Dana Vachon is an investment banker turned novelist who once appeared semi-regularly on Fox News late-night show “Red Eye.” He filled in as guest ombudsman and subbed as a guest voice for “Pinch,” the New York Times puppet.

But that was then. And this is now.

.@danavachon u get a gig with @jimcarrey and suddenly u regret everything u did on redeye. Nice.

— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) March 31, 2013

@greggutfeld I love Red Eye. I don’t love Fox and never did.

— Dana Vachon (@danavachon) March 31, 2013

@danavachon @greggutfeld So Dana, you adjust your sincerity based on who’s in the room?Too bad.

— SteveBurns (@SteveBurns81) March 31, 2013

Looks like Vachon has received his “Play the Nazi card” instruction manual. And…activate!

Goebbels would be jealous of what Roger Ailes has built.

— Dana Vachon (@danavachon) March 31, 2013

Wow, the new @danavachon is #totes #edgy now, with his erudite references to Nazism.

— Ryan Petty (@rpetty) April 1, 2013

Going to ask a WW2 vet just how idiotic your comparison is. RT@danavachon: Goebbels would be jealous of what Roger Ailes has built.

— Sam Valley (@SamValley) March 31, 2013

“Red Eye” host Greg Gutfeld lit into Vachon. Five-alarm fire:

@danavachon seriously?

— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) March 31, 2013

@greggutfeld I’d have to know what tone “seriously” was said in…

— Dana Vachon (@danavachon) March 31, 2013

@greggutfeld (though I’ll note that you didn’t contest the second point…)

— Dana Vachon (@danavachon) March 31, 2013

.@danavachon u don’t have a first point. Just making nice to your masters.

— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) March 31, 2013

@greggutfeld What are you talking about? My not wanting to be on Fox pre-dated this whole thing by a full year.

— Dana Vachon (@danavachon) March 31, 2013


Keep flogging that Nazi card, champ:

.@danavachon I’m sure you believe comparing Ailes to Goebbels is very edgy, but nobody else does. @greggutfeld #Redeye

— AG (@AG_Conservative) March 31, 2013

En fuego:

@danavachon Are you self destructing on twitter?

— Jason München (@JasonMunich) March 31, 2013

Next time, be sure to follow #ProTips for Soros Monkey-wannabes!

.@danavachon Dude, you should spell it “Faux News” and replace the s with a swastika! #edgy #redeye

— Jon Gabriel (@ExJon) March 31, 2013

One fan’s plea for peace:

@danavachon @greggutfeld Can Greg and Dana please make nice? I love you both (Dana more), and wistfully long for yesterday. #playnice

— Mike Measday (@vegasnitro70) March 31, 2013

Reconciliation with an opportunistic Goebbels-invoker? Seriously? Signs say…no go.

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