Eric Boehlert: Gun owners might as well be sex offenders!/EricBoehlert/status/284335653615960066

As Twitchy reported, New York’s Journal News published an interactive map identifying registered handgun owners in Westchester and Rockland Counties. Gun rights advocates were furious, and many remarked that the editor who published the story was essentially treating gun owners like sex offenders.

@lohud What are you going to publish next, Registered Republicans? INVASION of PRIVACY! WE ARE NOT SEX OFFENDERS!

— David M Batten (@dmbatten) December 24, 2012

Liberals in upstate NY reduce registered gun owners to sex offender status. How does this make ppl safer?…

— Tim Burns (@timburns1) December 24, 2012

Goodbye privacy. If you own a gun you’re treated like a sex offender… #NY

— Get_It (@Get_It) December 24, 2012

Awful MT @katiepavlich: @lohud is treating law abiding gun owners like convicted sex offenders. Unfreaking real.…

— Michelle Fields (@MichelleFields) December 24, 2012

Hmm..Citizens allow licensing of guns. The result? Outed as if they were sex offenders by local newspaper. Wow.

— John C. Dvorak (@THErealDVORAK) December 25, 2012

@nranews hey @lohud thanks for calling out law abiding citizens like sex offenders & ps-you just gave every criminal out there a heads up..

— Kris Williams (@KrisWilliams81) December 26, 2012

The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple discussed that very issue with 73-year-old gun owner Veronica Hash:

“They’ve put me on the same level as a sex offender,” says the 73-year-old Hash. “If there are sex offenders, you’ve got to know where they are,” she adds, noting that the same rationale appears to have driven publication of information about the permit holders. As for her weapon, Hash notes that there are “all kinds of people wandering the streets. It just gives me a sense of security.” She maintains that she’s “fully instructed” in its use. “Please do not take the only thing that makes me feel relatively secure,” she says.

How humiliating. Legal, registered gun owners have not broken any law, yet they are demonized as if they were sex criminals. Nice to know that Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert is on board with that. Disgusting.




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