For many, warm December day confirms global warming; Others say, ‘More, please’!/lachlan/status/275669485980119040

Unseasonably warm temperatures across the eastern half of the nation today saw many record highs toppled (though not by much).

New record high temperatures set in cities across 15 states, including Chicago Midway; Fayetteville, AR; Kansas City; Reagan National.

— Jacob Wycoff (@4cast4you) December 3, 2012

Indianapolis ties record high temperature for day, likely to hit 70 degrees.

— Indianapolis Star (@indystar) December 3, 2012

The high temperature today in Philadelphia was 67 degrees. That is just one degree shy of the record of 68 set in 1950.

— cbs3 weather (@cbs3_wx) December 3, 2012

The temperature at Madison, WI reached 65 F today. This breaks the previous HIGH TEMPERATURE RECORD FOR DECEMBER of 64 set on 05Dec01.

— Jim Cantore (@JimCantore) December 3, 2012

RECORD ALL-TIME DECEMBER HIGH RECORDS today.Quincy, IL (74F), Rockford, IL (69F), Madison, WI (65F) #ILwx #WIwx

— Jim Cantore (@JimCantore) December 4, 2012

Took this photo of the ice skaters downtown while wearing shorts and a T-shirt. #globalwarming

— Zoe Galland (@zoegalland) December 4, 2012

#Peoria’s high temperature is expected to hit 70 degrees today, just shy of 71 set in 1982. Reminder: It’s December. #ILwx

— Adam Gerik (@ofadam) December 3, 2012

In a pre-“Inconvenient Truth” age, such a day might have been good for a few years’ worth of “remember that time?” anecdotes, but now, a couple of warm days in December brings only two words to mind: global warming.

75 in December? Global warming is getting too real…

— Shanennn.(@whaddupimshanen) December 3, 2012

70 degrees in december .. not the end of the world , more like global warming 😒

— december cinco (@smileforYani) December 3, 2012

December 3rd. 61° F in NYC. No global warming to see here. Move along.

— Brian Diaz (@briankeithdiaz) December 3, 2012

High 60’s on December 3rd? And they say there isn’t global warming… #OhioProbz

— ❕Darien Smith❕ (@TW33T_SENSATION) December 3, 2012

Recent record highs make arguing against global warming more & more difficult. The high temperature tomorrow will be in the 70’s. Amazing.

— John Gately (@JohnBGately) December 4, 2012

I don’t think people realize, it’s December. It’s supposed to be freezing and filled with snow. If it’s not, it’s called Global Warming 😒

— Mariaaa (@maria_ovoxo) December 4, 2012

It’s pretty nice out considering we’re in December. Signs of global warming. New York has the most bipolar weather.

— Tahmoor Khan(@TahmoorKhan) December 3, 2012

70 degrees in Chicago and D.C.? Yep global warming def isn’t real right?

— Laurel Westbrook (@laurel_west) December 4, 2012

If you don’t think this weather is because of Global Warming, chances are you’re probably a republican

— Emily Wauer (@EmilyWauer) December 3, 2012

Twitchy readers in the South and Southwest might not appreciate the following tweets, but for the rest of the country, a day or two of “global” warming in December is a welcome development.

It’s 70 degrees and sunny. In December.Explain to me why everyone is trying to stop global warming?! This. Is. AWESOME!!!

— Morgan (@super_morgasm) December 3, 2012

It’s December 3rd and I can go outside without a coat I love global warming

— Logan Case (@logancase123) December 3, 2012

I heart global warming

— Tori Nicole(@teeharsha_) December 3, 2012

Idgaf if this is “global warming”. I love this weather and I hope its like this for a long time.

— Jeannette Grande™ (@OMGitsJeannette) December 3, 2012

Quite frankly I’m cool with global warming…. Who is concerned about a polar bear? Ain’t nobody concerned about a polar bear.

— Molly Barton (@Mollz_Ballz10) December 3, 2012

I’ll trade high temperatures in December for less polar bears everyday of the week.

— Jake Stapp (@Jake_Stapp) December 3, 2012

I love global warming for giving us such warm weather :-)

— Dimitri Baik(@fastest_at_STL) December 4, 2012

Def bringing the bike out this week riding in December I love global warming #bikelife

— Trigga730 (@ThugNasty617) December 4, 2012

Hot dog party on the deck tonight brought to us by global warming

— Popgun Chaos (@popgunchaos) December 4, 2012

Other people: Omg this weather is caused by global warming blah blahMe: I can wear shorts and a t shirt outside… #winning

— Jared Wilkening (@jaredwilk53) December 4, 2012

If this is what global warming is like we should all start burning tires #warmweather

— Ethan Gerbig (@ethangerbig68) December 4, 2012

Christmas tree farms and ice cream shops are seeing a jump in business thanks to the record high temperatures.

— Columbia Missourian (@CoMissourian) December 3, 2012

Al Gore can blow me. Shorts in December is the move

— James Claps (@jimmyboyclapps) December 3, 2012

Oh yeah, that guy. So far today, Gore has not tweeted emergency instructions for how to deal with this change in climate, so we can only imagine what he’s up to.

Somewhere in Washington, D.C. right about now, Al Gore is running around screaming “I TOLD YOU I WAS RIGHT ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING”

— John Haskell (@HaskellFlatts) December 3, 2012

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