Free Beacon founder Michael Goldfarb fires back at MSNBC hack Andrea Mitchell!/SonnyBunch/status/433285852635361280

As Twitchy reported, yesterday, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell dutifully ran interference for Hillary after “anti-Clinton website” The Washington Free Beacon published “The Hillary Papers.” Today, Free Beacon founder Michael Goldfarb hit back at her:!/SonnyBunch/status/433285712796872704

Ouch. “Deep partisanship” could be Mitchell’s mantra. She is, after all, the same “real journalist” who ran a falsely edited video and promptly swept it under the rug.!/gopaulblair/status/433288631239704577!/MoniqueMHamm/status/433288264670142464

Boy, did she ever.!/NoahCRothman/status/433287700444360704!/MZHemingway/status/433286220438061056

True story. After witnessing Mitchell’s shameless performance yesterday, can there be any doubt that MSNBC is nothing but a Dem mouthpiece?



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