Geez! How much money does Rep. Lois Frankel think women need for birth control?!/ThePantau/status/504686970531225600

And evidently choices are hard for Democratic Rep. Lois Frankel.

Here’s what she tweeted this morning:!/RepLoisFrankel/status/504670882544222208

OK, that’s pretty asinine. But this is in a class by itself:!/RepLoisFrankel/status/504686319142854656

Uh, false choice, anyone? Holy crap! Unless you’re one of those mythical gals who spends $18,000 on birth control, Frankel’s scenario makes absolutely no sense.!/jwcays/status/504687676273201153

No kidding.

Meanwhile, if Frankel and her fellow Dems really want to empower women, they can let women take care of themselves.!/laurakfillault/status/504687194930683905

Seems reasonable. So does this:!/DANEgerus/status/504689729720582144



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