George Zimmerman released after posting bail, threats pour in!/ianjmck/status/221379551752753155

George Zimmerman was released from jail this afternoon after posting 10 percent of a $1 million bond set by a Florida judge, and for the second day, Twitter lit up with death threats.

This is why I need to get a gun… Someone please cap his ass. George Zimmerman bailed out again: (only in Amerikkka)

— myabee (@myabee) July 6, 2012

Let me See da Pussy Nigga George Zimmerman iLL Kill Em My Self Tf Aint Nobody doin shit But Let Emcross My path He dead

— Its my birthDay Hoe (@I_Heart_Hooping) July 6, 2012

@ModernPharaoh George Zimmerman needs street justice bcuz Florida justice system has been 2 damn lenient on him.This is crazy#TrayvonMartin

— Stephanie (@sovereign_woman) July 6, 2012

They let George Zimmerman go. The public can finally beat the crap out of him!

— Umar Ansari (@thelazypolygon) July 6, 2012

Black panthers got half a million on George Zimmerman shit let me find that nigga #BangBang

— Bout Time Dee (@SpendIt_AllDee) July 6, 2012

Somebody just needs to kill George Zimmerman

— Roger (@Now_Roger_That) July 6, 2012

So George Zimmerman is out, I genuinely wish death on this guy

— Five Star (@TimakaGeno) July 6, 2012

Fuck George Zimmerman.. Someone just needs to murk that nigga

— Boats & Hoes (@_NVOXII) July 6, 2012

George Zimmerman is free? thats a no no *loads gun*

— james knolley (@Sensei_Booda) July 6, 2012

Perhaps another reminder of Twitter’s terms of service is in order:

Violence and Threats: You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others.


Twitter lynch mob threatens to kill George Zimmerman as judge sets bond at $1 million

Twitter lynch mob: Won’t it be great when Zimmerman gets raped in prison?

Twitter lynch mob: George Zimmerman is out on bail? Let’s kill him!

George Zimmerman’s bond has been revoked; Update: Twitter lynch mob hopes he is killed or kills himself

George Zimmerman is back in police custody; Update: Twitter mob hopes for rape, death

George Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie, arrested; Update: Bond posted; Update: Twitter lynch mob celebrates, threatens

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