Goldie Taylor: I don’t have any liberty because I’m black!/SooperMexican/status/457729306429386752

No liberty in the U.S. for black people? That’s what MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor, in the midst of a Twitter rant about rancher Cliven Bundy, asserted last night:!/goldietaylor/status/457716187896373249!/goldietaylor/status/457726525001838592

Certainly, U.S. history is full of examples of racism and discrimination directed against African Americans. But no liberty? None at all? In 2014?!/Tark31/status/457716951347785728!/Lib_Media/status/457750629549473792!/BiasedGirl/status/457715642955993089

Or the President of the United States.

But point out that black people can succeed in our country and — surprise! — you’re a bigot. For real:!/goldietaylor/status/457735992015720449



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