Got a Romney bumper sticker or yard sign? Watch out for these unhinged libs!/TuneSTARR_QUAN/status/250677347483807744

New York City subway vandal Mona Eltahawy isn’t the only unhinged progressive who believes in a constitutional right to deface property. Conservatives are reporting that their Romney/Ryan bumper stickers and yard signs are being stolen and vandalized by people spitting in the face of free speech.

@MittRomney @RomneyCentral @RomneyResponse @PaulRyanVP obama voters ARE desperate! This happ to my car today.

— Michelle Texas Belle (@houstonbombera) September 25, 2012

Romney sticker lasted less than 2 hours before being ripped off #disappointed

— Conrad (@conradest) September 29, 2012

I'm going to assume the jerk who stole my Romney bumper sticker is a Democrat #classy

— Amber Qalagari Ugi (@AmberQalagari) September 28, 2012

Typical liberal fashion, sum A-hole defaced my Romney sticker while I was at mall. Cowardly act of desperation. I'll replace w/2. #tcot

— George Martini (@GeorgeAMartini) September 26, 2012

Someone stole my Mitt Romney sign last night it was not even up for one day. @MittRomney @TeamRomney

— Beardall (@TheRealBEARDALL) September 19, 2012

Someone stole our Romney/Ryan sign😠

— Danlee Brown (@DanleeLBrown) September 23, 2012

Not that something like that would ever happen, right libs?

No, RWNJ's we 'libs' are not going to key your car if you have a Romney bumper sticker. We don't care. You corner the meanies anyway. #p2

— Stephany (@steffy7680) September 25, 2012

These thieves and vandals aren’t just skulking away into the night. Many are taking to Twitter to brag about swiping and defacing signs, including one guy who used a Romney sign like Occupiers use cop cars.

I ripped this dudes Mitt Romney sign outta his yard & ripped it in half.. #FuckYourRomneySignBitch!

— Earl Jr.. (@Thats_MrJohnson) September 27, 2012

found a Romney/Ryan bumper sticker in my purse from this weekend. guess i angrily ripped it off someone's car

— Ellen Pribil (@ellenpribs) September 25, 2012

Just tore down a mitt Romney sign

— YT (@YvngTvsky) September 19, 2012

Just walked over to my neighbors yard & ripped up their Mitt Romney sign when they left their house. #ThugLife #Obama

— JB (@Yella_DymondzXx) September 29, 2012

Keep it up, guys! The Romney campaign gets more cash when people have to replace their stolen and vandalized stickers and signs.

Other lefty Twitter users haven’t admitted to ripping up signs, defacing stickers and keying cars … yet. As of now, they’re just aspiring vandals. Because that’s persuasive.

anyone else wanna spraypaint "cracker" on every mitt romney yard sign they see?

— Camille Wells (@whamille) September 27, 2012

Imma drag my keys accross the next car i see with a romney bumper sticker lol

— Golden Boy  (@mellymel_93) September 25, 2012

I want to rear end everyone that has a Mitt Romney sticker on their car

— Chy (@chynnaxox) September 21, 2012

Saw someone with a Romney sticker on their car and seriously considered keying it.

— Mayo-Mays (@kayyMays) September 25, 2012

I seen a "vote for Romney" sticker on a car… I wanted to flatten the tires on that bitch so bad . I really don't like this nigga man

— Ms. Chong (@chong_shai) September 25, 2012

I saw someone with a Romney sticker on their car today , I wanted to throw a rock at there window ..

— ItsMeeBrandeee (@B_Millsz) September 24, 2012

My neighbours are for Mitt Romeny. Time to go rip their sign again. Just like I did with the McCain one.

— Sassy Cindy (@cindayc_) September 19, 2012

went to wendys today with the family and we parked next to a car that had a "mitt" sticker in the car i wanted to key that bitch

— Lu&Sandra (@LuAndSandra) September 22, 2012

Oh hell no, she got a Romney sticker in the back of her hooptie. She need to be RAN the fuck over.

— Bea † . (@Badgirlbea) September 25, 2012

Thinking about spray painting "We Think Rape Is Cool" right next to my neighbor's Romney/Ryan 2012 sign

— 趙 山亮 (@_alvinrow) September 20, 2012

This Romney sign will look great with a FUCK you spray painted over it

— CiaoBella✨ (@Royalcouturexox) September 26, 2012

I'm ripping my neighbors Romney sign. Dipping it in my dog's shit, then ill give it back

— Queen Bee (@AshleyBeaster25) September 27, 2012

Some Romney haters are hoping people with Romney signs and anti-Obama stickers will do their dirty work for them … by dying.

Every time I see a Romney bumper sticker I wanna run they ass off the road so they can die a painful death. Maybe that's harsh but…

— C. (@_C0URT) September 28, 2012

Liberal tolerance on display once again.

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