Her Daughter Went Into The Hot Tub With Her, Then She Was Rushed To The Hospital

Freak accidents are always shocking, but no one expects an emergency to take place in a relaxing hot tub.

Nicola Floyd and her four-year-old daughter Isabella were taking it easy in a hot tub at a hotel in Bulgaria when the unthinkable happened. Unbeknownst to the mom, the hot tub’s filter lid, which covers a powerful vacuum, was missing. One second they were enjoying the bubbles, the next her daughter’s stomach was sucked into the mechanism, severely damaging her bowels.

While Isabella was in the hot tub, her bathing suit bottom became tangled in the filtration system. According to Floyd, her daughter was sucked downward while yelling, “My tummy, my tummy!”

Floyd immediately turned the hot tub off as the girl’s grandmother ran for help, but the filter continued to run. Floyd said, “She didn’t go underwater. I was holding her…I tried to pull her up and break the vacuum, but it was too strong. I tried to break the vacuum with my fingers.”

Isabella was only freed after a lifeguard turned off the power to the electronics. By that time, the machine had sliced her stomach open, leading to severe intestinal damage.

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