‘Hitler should have killed you all’; anti-Semites explode over Gaza


Never short on obscenities, the anti-Semitic backwaters of the Twitterverse are laying the crazy on extra-thick tonight.

If you want to be really depressed, search Twitter for the words “Gaza” and “Jews” together. The aesthetic of the Third Reich lives on.

— Joshua Treviño (@jstrevino) November 15, 2012

Then again, if you’re a Jew-hating schlemazel to begin with, then reading accounts of Jews kicking terrorist butt are going to make mincemeat of whatever restraint you have.

“I left some jews alive so the world could see why I was killing them!” – Adolf Hitler. #FuckIsrael #PrayForGaza #Gazzeateşaltında

— Olcay Gunay (@Pontean) November 15, 2012

I dare yall bitches to do that to Iran you zionist devils hitler should have killed you all @idfspokesperson

— Darth Kushington (@Lone_Ryder) November 16, 2012

Jew cunts starting on gaza , fucking pussies , where’s hitler when you need him

— leonard. (@junaidplaydirty) November 15, 2012

People should always finish what they start. Hitler is a prime example. #fuckisrael

— Saad Yassir (@SaadYassir) November 15, 2012

@idfspokesperson suck my balls zionist pigdogbitch.

— Ian Mooney (@ezpz_in_lufbra) November 16, 2012

I wanna head butt a Zionist, holla you illuminatic cunts

— Kirko (@ZeeshaanQayyum) November 16, 2012

@netanyahu oh shut up you ugly fuck. your the bloody terrorist along side your other ugly jewish companions. hope you burn in hell.

— FREE PALESTINE☮ (@madehaaa) November 15, 2012

Fuck youuu Israel ! If my country would have nuclear I will ask our P.M to launch it to ISRAEL ! So all The Jews became ashes..israel 

— Zaimie EL-ŠhÄARäWÿ (@ZaimieLiverpool) November 15, 2012

I swear to god I would die killing a zionist.

— AZIZ (@95Aziz) November 16, 2012

Also, those who dared to say anything pro-Israel were subjected to garbage like this.

“@jedediahbila: I support Israel’s right to defend itself against rocket attacks from Gaza. Period.” <==== Cunt.

— ☥5D Queen☥ (@JetsDiGGdeedy) November 15, 2012

I support the right of you burning in hell “@jedediahbila:Isupport Israel’s right to defend itself against rocket attacks from Gaza.Period.”

— Dijam (@MajidKassem) November 15, 2012

@jedediahbila fuck you Jewish whore, I bet you are glad those babies died in Gaza.

— Douglas (@RaidersSmack) November 15, 2012

There are simply no words to describe this stuff. We love needling “haters” around here, but this sort of bald-faced bigotry is just too much for sarcasm.



‘F*ck Israel!’: Following airstrike on Gaza, Pro-Palestinians, Hamas supporters curse Israel and call for its destruction

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