‘I can’t find ammo anywhere’: Empty shelves as Obama starts second term


With President Gun-Grabber, Joe “Shooting for Tuesday” Biden and DiFi pushing for new firearm restrictions, inauguration weekend was more about empty shelves than empty promises for gun enthusiasts. For more than a month, Twitchy has been reporting on long lines at gun stores, surging NRA membership and record crowds at gun shows.

As Obama celebrated his second inauguration, ammunition was increasingly hard to come by in the nation’s chain stores and mom-and-pop shops. Academy Sports is limiting some ammo purchases to one box per customer.

I just left Academy Sports. Only able to buy 1 box of each caliber ammo. Only one AR-15 left in the store bought by a friend of mine.

— Vince Boyer (@Conservatexian) January 21, 2013

Good mass today. Then a quick stop by Academy Sports to purchase my one box per caliber ammunition per day limit. Reminds me of rationing.

— Janetshoemake (@janetshoemake) January 20, 2013

I saw this coming about a year ago. @wyona440:Ammo impossible to find; Academy rules one box of bullets allowed per purchase, when in stock.

— TruthSeeker (@Trailger1) January 19, 2013

But finding even one box of some types of ammo is proving difficult. More evidence of the only successful Obama stimulus:

Frustrating I can’t find ammo anywhere. @academy and Dick’s were cleaned out. I guess gun owners are in a frenzy. No range anytime soon :-(

— Becky Kramer (@bakramer1) January 20, 2013

Empty ammo shelves at Cabela’s. Not one AR-15 on the shelves either. Happy Inauguration Day. twitter.com/caseywmoore/st…

— casey w moore (@caseywmoore) January 21, 2013

Thanks for these empty ammo racks Obama… twitter.com/jznikodym/stat…

— Jeremy Nikodym (@jznikodym) January 22, 2013

These shelves are supposed to be stocked with ammo. The country is scared man. instagr.am/p/UwYX3fgxnt/

— Lindsey Brown (@Lsbrown915) January 21, 2013

The ammunition case at walmart #empty #ammo #thanksobama #nofilter instagr.am/p/UubAHHDQGL/

— Keeley Tawater (@keeley_1851) January 21, 2013

#BassPro sold out of handgun ammo just about… #Dadgum #Nobama is ruining this country. That’s depressing b instagr.am/p/UuDyq1AhR9/

— Scott Tighe (@OKcowboy95) January 20, 2013

Shelves of ammo at Cabelas… Oh wait, there is none. Because everyones buying it out #sheesh twitter.com/Kvdro/status/2…

— Katherine Victoria (@Kvdro) January 20, 2013

You can’t find ammo ANYWHERE!

— FrozoneUSMC (@FrozoneUSMC) January 19, 2013

No ammo at shooting range so couldn’t shoot. Out shopping with boys.

— david182ga (@david182ga) January 21, 2013

Visit to Port Huron = NO GUNS in stores, NO AMMO.NONE.SOLD OUT.

— silvergoldsilver (@silvergoldsilve) January 22, 2013

Even online retailers are unable to keep up with demand.

@laceyleeana yea people are freaking out buy all the guns and ammo up! I can’t even find anything in stock online either…

— Lucas Fargo (@LGFOKLA) January 20, 2013

@t_hen11 yeah but you can’t buy ammo anywhere it’s all sold out online

— Forrest Fretheim (@ForrestFretheim) January 20, 2013

Tried to find ammo for my gun online….all sold out : /

— Ramon M. (@King_Wizard85) January 19, 2013

Ammo shortage? Shoppers have a pretty good idea about who built that.

There’s no ammo left in this town! Thanks Mr President…

— Logan Peralta (@LoganPeralta) January 21, 2013

Congrats to the Salesman of the Year!

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/01/22/pics-empty-shelves-at-ammo-retailers-as-obama-starts-second-term-i-cant-find-ammo-anywhere/

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