‘Leaves up!’ ‘Don’t shoot!’: Check out #FloodWallStreet’s Ferguson fail [photo]


If that’s the case, the people of #FloodWallStreet aren’t doing themselves any favors with stuff like this:

"Leaves up!" "Don't shoot!" #FloodWallStreet pic.twitter.com/bZ4bwVVENa

— japhetweeks (@japhetweeks) September 22, 2014

Another Smart Take™, kids!

Wow I'm sure #ferguson protesters love the comparison MT @japhetweeks: "Leaves up!" "Don't shoot!" #FloodWallStreet pic.twitter.com/7gQBxSqHTv

— el Sooper ن (@SooperMexican) September 22, 2014

Yeah. Dead teenager, dead sunflower…Same diff. #FloodWallStreet https://t.co/ZzqH3n22Pb

— Kimberly C (@conkc2) September 22, 2014

"Climate change": JUST. LIKE. FERGUSON. RT @japhetweeks: "Leaves up!" "Don't shoot!" #FloodWallStreet pic.twitter.com/BKdx83alhe

— T. Becket Adams (@BecketAdams) September 22, 2014



Twitchy coverage of #FloodWallStreet

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/09/22/leaves-up-dont-shoot-check-out-floodwallstreets-ferguson-fail-photo/

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