LeBron James named MVP


As ESPN’s Chris Palmer reports the NBA’s MVP award has been given to the Heat’s LeBron James. As always with LeBron the reaction is mixed. A lot of tweeps love LeBron and a lot love to hate him.

LeBron wins MVP once again, that's 3! He has as many as #MagicJohnson

— Ryan Anderson (@Ryano313) May 12, 2012

"LeBron James wins his 3rd MVP award" just doesn't have a nice ring to it.

— KorkedBats.com (@korkedbats) May 11, 2012

Lebron won MVP because of his name.

— Mike Wise (@MikeWiz39) May 12, 2012

Lebron James won MVP, so he is done giving 100%! He has his personal award, so he don't care now!! #clown

— StrtDrmz44 (@OneWayEntBos) May 12, 2012

Congrats to Lebron for the well deserved MVP! #TheGreatest

— Tre (@_TreG_) May 12, 2012

Sorryyyyy but I think LeBron deserves the MVP 😜 #HateOnHim

— Max (@MaxHTaylor1) May 12, 2012


Lebron got MVP he deserved it…but he sure ain't getting a final's MVP thou or a ring till Kobe retires!!! #Kobesyestem

— Abdi_Melo (@Professor_Abdi) May 12, 2012

#Lebron deserved MVP i guess… but it still won't help his legacy he was put on too high of a pedestal now he has to when a ring or #fail

— Black Axl Rose (@iCed_So) May 12, 2012

Anyone that think LeBron doesn't deserve the #MVP award does not understand the game or his greatness. Leave MVP doesn't reflect playoffs

— Guy Nason (@Guy_Nason) May 12, 2012

man really got to give it up for lebron for winning his 3rd mvp award

— KC Steelers Nation (@lilkev2341) May 12, 2012

LeBron w/Another MVP . #TeamLEBRON . Its Time For a Ring Now . #TeamHEAT

— • Christone (@ZuffyG) May 12, 2012


Lebron gets MVP for the 3rd time in the last 4seasons.. And getting a Ring this year #PureWinner

— $ep.17th (@broitspatharvey) May 12, 2012

Lebron with the MVP 😏 see, now everyone who talks smack about him can shut up 😚😁 next thing he's getting is that dang ring 🏆😊

— Alessandra Isabelle (@Sandy_Isabelle) May 12, 2012

LeBron would win the MVP…what about OKC's Kevin Durant?? he had his best season yet!!!

— Jeremy A. Carranco (@J_Carranco22) May 12, 2012

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