Liberal tolerance: CNN’s Don Lemon berated for saying the buck stops with Obama!/donlemoncnn/status/194612038285266944

CNN anchor Don Lemon caught hell from the oh-so-tolerant Left late Monday night for daring to deviate from the DNC script.

Lemon’s crime? He asked President Obama to stop shifting blame and start taking responsibility for everything that happens on his watch, including the GSA and Secret Service scandals. Even worse? He said Sarah Palin had a point about presidential accountability.

CNN's Don Lemon rips Obama, says Sarah Palin has a point

— Right Scoop (@trscoop) April 23, 2012

Oops. Apparently he forgot that his job is to step in front of the camera and screech, “Blaaaaame Buuuuuuush!”

@donlemoncnn If you think the Right will make you their Pet Gay, they won't. Obama is standing up 4 U & don't forget who you are.

— Kees Valderol (@keesvalderol) April 24, 2012

@theosmelek @Lezlie61 @DonLemonCNN He's a black gay man and a RW tool for a buck. His boyfriend is a CNN higher up too.

— Annie Lawton (@CurlynDoris) April 23, 2012

RT @maddyjrbrown: @donlemoncnn you just proved that CNN is the alter ego of Fox news. You sound like GOP talking points #NoTalkPoints

— MonetaryReformNowMMT (@mahilena) April 24, 2012

@donlemoncnn Little Gay kids are committing suicide because of the Right Wing. You could make an impact. You're a wimp.

— Fritz Alverez (@FritzAlverez) April 24, 2012

@donlemoncnn I don't care how good your new nose jobs is, you should dance with the ones who brought you.

— Kees Valderol (@keesvalderol) April 24, 2012

@donlemoncnn anyone who says "Sarah Palin has a point" loses all credibility – – didn't she say he's a part of lame stream media?

— Keeks (@billionbucks) April 24, 2012


— Daphne Freeman (@d_freeman06) April 24, 2012

Lemon responded to the attacks on Twitter:

Wow. Checking twitter for 1st time 2day. Getting praise from the right & hate from the left for #NoTalkingPoints. Can't win. Ha!

— Don Lemon (@donlemon) April 24, 2012

.@Rictracee. @cnn doesn't tell me to do anything. I have a brain & am an independent thinker. Sometimes the truth hurts.

— Don Lemon (@donlemon) April 24, 2012

.@maddyjrbrown not really. Just saying what democrats don't want to but need to hear. #CNN appreciates independent thinking.

— Don Lemon (@donlemon) April 24, 2012

. @cfreelakers24 Funny how I'm only incompetent when I don't say what liberals want to hear. Hmmm.

— Don Lemon (@donlemon) April 24, 2012

.@maddyjrbrown he is the president & the buck stops w him. That's what was said of bush. Can't change the rules for obama. #hypocrisy

— Don Lemon (@donlemon) April 24, 2012

Hmm. Guess liberals aren’t all about open-mindedness, freedom of expression, and tolerance when someone has the nerve to say the wrong thing. Fancy that.

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