No Triple Crown this year; California Chrome finishes fourth!/StickeeNotes/status/475412516571328513

Crowd favorite California Chrome came in fourth in the Belmont Stakes Saturday, dashing hopes of taking home the first Triple Crown win in 36 years.!/joshgreenman/status/475412298358861825!/Tawny_Kitaen/status/475413488308092928!/ChrisCuomo/status/475412770842611713!/tlomedia/status/475414167814303745

Chrome’s owner didn’t seem to take it well, sending his name (as well as Wilford Brimley’s name and #soreloser) trending.

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 7.21.46 PM!/jasonWSJ/status/475414016014045184!/DavidSussman/status/475413449195794432!/RalstonReports/status/475413559380176896!/kevindepew/status/475416326823895042


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