Non-shocker of the day: Taylor Swift has another public heartbreak!/taylorswift13/status/287730625258078209

Oh, dear. The pop-country princess just knew her most recent boy-toy, One Direction’s Harry Styles, was trouble. Above, she quoted from her own hit single, “I Knew You Were Trouble,” after returning from a vacation-gone-awry with the 1D band member.

Fake shocked faces abound today on social media:

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles split after huge fight on vacation: She tweets “til you put me down” via @pagesix

— Emily Smith Page Six (@GossipAssassin) January 7, 2013

LOL. I’m in SHOCK! RT @gossipassassinTaylor Swift and Harry Styles split after huge fight on vacation: She tweets “til you put me down”

— Sanna Olsson (@sanna_o75) January 7, 2013

Taylor swift and 1D boy break up but really who is shocked about this??

— Sarah Dugal (@dugalsarah) January 7, 2013

Taylor and harry split…world why are you shocked

— starr collister (@mommastarr11) January 7, 2013

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles broke up?!…I’M SHOCKED!

— Grace Jacobs (@gracetopher22) January 7, 2013

Another unsurprised bystander: Father Swift.

‘Don’t break my daughter’s heart!’: Taylor Swift’s father orders Harry Styles to slow down… via @mailonline

— sweet disposition. (@swiftismagic) January 6, 2013


I’m starting to think that maybe Taylor Swift has a problem with relationships.

— RB (@RBPundit) January 7, 2013

Ya think?

I think Taylor swift is the problem of all her relationships Lol

— ricardo pecina (@PecinaRicardo) January 7, 2013

taylor needs to realise she is the issue of her relationships…

— Probz & Mayhem (@ProbzM) January 7, 2013

Then step away from the microphone, cameras, and playboys, dear:

Taylor Swift says she wants more privacy, “I want to live more quietly” –

— Hit Zone (@HitZoneOnline) January 7, 2013

So Taylor asked for privacy? I’m sorry but this is too funny

— z(a)y(n) m(a)(l)ik (@TeamMalikx) January 7, 2013

Taylor Swift wants more privacy… How bout don’t date somone from a world famous boyband

— Elicia Dewhirst (@EliciaDewhirst) January 7, 2013

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