Obama under the gun: ‘Jim, you may wanna move on to another topic’


Near the end of the first Denver debate segment on the economy and jobs, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney took a commanding stance — hammering the president over high electric rates, higher food and health care costs, and burdensome small business taxes.

President Obama, who rarely looked directly at his opponent and instead repeatedly turned to PBS moderator Jim Lehrer, began one of his last parries with Romney by stating:

“Jim, you may wanna move on to another topic.”

Twitter reaction was fast, furious, and fiery:

Ouch. That hurt the President. "Jim, you may wanna move on to another topic." Bad move, bro.

— James Crowder (@jamesdean2009) October 4, 2012

"Jim you may want to move onto another topic." -Obama <– he knows Romney is owning him. #Debate2012

— #RepublicanGirlProbs (@RepubGrlProbs) October 4, 2012

Obama: "Jim you may want to move on to another topic" (In other words, PLEASE Jim, move on, he's making me look like an idiot!"

— Dennis Ingolfsland (@D_Ingolfsland) October 4, 2012

Obama: Jim, move on to another topic. I'm getting killed here. #debates

— Peter Wolfgang (@Peter_Wolfgang) October 4, 2012

Jim move on to another topic so I don't get my b*** spanked anymore… Obama is getting schooled

— Clay (@Claydawg75) October 4, 2012

Obama says: "Jim you may want to move on to another topic." Obama means: "Please Jim, move on. This is painful."

— Reed Wilson (@sreedwilson) October 4, 2012

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