Out of touch: Nancy Pelosi says pay cut for Congress is beneath the ‘dignity of the job’


That’s right! Democrats don’t care if you have to take a pay cut because of their ultra-progressive taxation. But when it comes to them taking a cut, it’s out of the question.

Pelosi says a “Congressional pay cut would undermine our dignity.” This is EXACTLY why we need to rid these people form power.

— Doug Davis (@TeaPartyLivesOn) February 17, 2013

What is this ‘dignity’ she speaks of?

@michelekirkbpr Every timePelosi opens her mouth along with some other liberal women, they strip dignity from women in general. Shameful

— Rose Marie (@roestar) February 17, 2013

Is Pelosi saying that Dignity only come from the amount on the paycheck?

— Grant Yenni (@Grant_Yenni) February 17, 2013

Nancy Pelosi said she opposes a cut in congressional pay because it would diminish the dignity of lawmakers’ jobs…as if she hasn’t. #tcot

— Tommy Gtopher (@tommygtopher) February 17, 2013

Pelosi is against a Congress pay cut because “It will diminish the respect, and dignity, of the work they do” Retweet if she makes you sick!

— DUKE (@dukedukemj) February 16, 2013

Rep. Pelosi says salary cuts for Congress is beneath members’ dignity. Funny, I didn’t think ANYTHING was beneath Congressional dignity.

— Mort Mortensen (@birdshead) February 17, 2013

We wonder how the millions of Americans who are unemployed or under-employed feel about Pelosi’s position.

Pelosi thinks Congress having reduced pay harms their “dignity.” What does she think it’s doing to American citizens to be underemployed!?

— Judy Stines (@jstines3) February 17, 2013

Ms Pelosi: As reps of the people U should share in conditions U help create & not just blindly get a raise! Think about our dignity 4 once!

— ThinkCenter68 (@ThinkCenter1968) February 17, 2013

Pelosi: Pay cut undermines ‘dignity’ of congressional employment – Washington Times:why does she not get another job, or a job,

— frona fileccia (@fronafileccia) February 17, 2013

Rather than making out of touch remarks like these, maybe Pelosi should ask fellow Democrat Harry Reid to get his legislative body to pass a budget, like regular Americans.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/02/17/out-of-touch-nancy-pelosi-says-pay-cut-for-congress-is-beneath-the-dignity-of-the-job/

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