Pitiful little men: Press sec. Carney, Axelrod defend Biden, bash Palin


Oh, yes, he did. Press secretary Carney had the audacity to slam Palin in a lame attempt to defend Joe “Gaffetastic Idjit” Biden.

@PressSec weasel Jay Carney disses Palin. What a douche.

— Lloyd Christmis (@LloydChristmis) August 16, 2012

Biden will stay http://t.co/gvQVcgEj BWAAA HAAA HA !!! Going out of their way to insult Palin, they PROVE she got to them. @dloesch #tcot

— Greg Helton (@G_Helton) August 16, 2012

Video at The Daily Caller.

White House Spokestool Jay Carney Defends Biden By Taking A Swipe At Sarah Palin http://t.co/dfA3RcjB

— AoSHQ (@AoSHQ) August 16, 2012

Axelrod did as well; More via Ace of Spades.

“All right. David, it’s Sam Stein,” said the Huffington Post writer to Axelrod. “I”m guessing you’re not taking John McCain’s advice to drop him and put Hillary Clinton? But a more serious question –“

“Far be it from me to denigrate Senator McCain’s advice on vice presidential nominees,” Axelrod joked, making a reference to McCain picking Sarah Palin for the Republican ticket in 2008.

Yuk,  yuk, yuk! See, she’s just a stupid girl! That’s who McCain picked; doesn’t he know she has cooties?!

Citizens rightly give Carney the business.

Just pointing out, while lecturing on the importance of having policy debates, Carney has defended Seamus the dog jokes and made a Palin jab

— JaredHalpern (@JaredHalpern) August 16, 2012

Carney spent press briefing saying ppl shld not make Biden's comments imp..just policy shld be discussed, but then took nasty swipe at Palin

— Laura McGinnis (@Txsleuth) August 16, 2012

Keep it classy, Jay Carney. Any time you can get a swipe in for Sen. McCain & Gov. Palin do not let it pass you by.

— Carolyn (@cccleland) August 16, 2012

#Loser =>Jay Carney Takes Swipe @SarahPalinUSA After McCain Says @vp Biden Should Be Dropped… http://t.co/xwf3QcDd via @theblaze

— mb (@imsure) August 16, 2012

Sarah Palin has more brains in her head than Jay Carney has in his entire family!! #shutthehellup

— Debbie M (@debster7301) August 16, 2012

carney on his best day couldnt stand up to Sarah Palin,he is a childish petty liar a very little man with no integrity a coward

— Civil Disobedience (@novid7) August 16, 2012

I'm not a Palin fan in the least, HOWEVER, Jay Carney should be the last person to be dissing anyone. He's a bumbling mess at that mic!

— Nate (@4hitter) August 16, 2012

Also a bumbling mess? Joe Biden.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/08/16/pitiful-little-men-press-secretary-carney-axelrod-defend-biden-by-bashing-sarah-palin/

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