Portland mall shooter rumored to have worn mask; Anonymous fears crackdown


Predictably, gun control advocates wasted no time whatsoever in politicizing the shooting at a Portland, Ore., mall today. In an unusual wrinkle, conflicting reports that the shooter wore a mask of some sort have some concerned about a push for mask control.

Details of the mall shooting are still forthcoming, but many on Twitter reported that the shooter was wearing a white mask. Some called it a hockey mask, while others cited an emergency dispatcher referring to a Guy Fawkes mask — the mask made famous by the movie “V for Vendetta” and now associated with Anonymous. Concern for the shooting victims was put on hold in favor of speculation over a mask crackdown.

A Reuters reporter listening to PD scanner is responsible for the report of Guy Fawkes mass (live at ustre.am/m1qu)

— Hugh Briss (@FoolishReporter) December 12, 2012

Oregon Mall Shooter is was wearing a Guy Fawkes mask according to the police scanner. Oh boy…

— Cuttiebunny (@Cuttiebunny1) December 12, 2012

Whoa, the shooter at that Oregon mall is wearing a Guy Fawkes mask? Can anyone confirm that???

— Dick Whiskey (@JagerJohnson) December 12, 2012

FUCK. I knew this would happen eventually, some dude would go apeshit wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. >.<

— Dick Whiskey (@JagerJohnson) December 12, 2012

Great, the shooter in Oregon was wearing the Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vandetta…Crackdown on Anonymous & those masks coming up…

— SirEdwin (@enjoiSirEdwin) December 12, 2012

To be clear: just the suggestion that it was an #Anonymous mask in #Oregon shooting is pretext to crack-down on others who wear it.

— ChristianChristensen (@ChrChristensen) December 12, 2012

Hearing reports that the shooter in #Clackamashooting was wearing a Guy Fawkes mask? Confirmed? #signofourapocalypse

— Inkosi Inkosikazi (@AnonyNewsNet) December 12, 2012

Watch: if that idiot KKK guy who shot up a mall in OR was wearing a Guy Fawkes mask how long til Fox blames “the Left” for the shooting?

— Joseph Palermo (@JosephPalermo1) December 12, 2012

A Guy Fawkes mask, huh? That can mean only one thing — the shooter must have been a Tea Party member. Right, Brian Ross?

Strange, the MSM isn’t speculating that the Mall shooter was an anonymous member, even though they were reportedly wearing a Guy Fawkes mask

— P D MacGuire (@PDMacGuire) December 12, 2012

Again, police have not confirmed any details of the shooting. According to witnesses, the shooter might have been wearing all black clothing, camouflage, body armor, a hockey mask, a Guy Fawkes mask and a Friday the 13th mask and been carrying a rifle and a machine gun.

#ClackamasShooting guy was in a Friday the 13th mask NOT a Guy Fawkes. This is random act of senseless violence. Not an #Anonymous act.

— PeacefulLiberalLady (@PeaceLibLady) December 12, 2012

Reporter on @andersoncooper just said that he heard the shooter was wearing a “Jason” mask, like in the Friday the 13th movie….

— Yetta Gibson (@yettagibson) December 12, 2012

So a gunman wearing a Jason mask walked into Clackamas Town Center today and shot and killed 2 people. Appare… tmblr.co/ZppPGyZANvN2

— rikkisixx (@rikkisixx) December 12, 2012

A witness tells our afflilate KOIN that the gunman in the #Clackamas mall shooting in Oregon was wearing a hockey mask

— Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) December 12, 2012

Emotional #Clackamas witness said she saw the suspect with a “huge M-16″ coming in the mall and he brushed the shoulder of her boyfriend.

— John Bell (@NewsBell) December 12, 2012

KATU /ABC is interviewing woman LIVE over phone who says shooter wearing all black, white hockey mask and carrying assault weapon.#Clackamas

— John Bell (@NewsBell) December 12, 2012

Will the media rush to judgment and investigate the possible Anonymous connection? It’s been hours; can we consider it progress that the Tea Party hasn’t been fingered yet?

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/12/11/portland-mall-shooter-rumored-to-have-worn-guy-fawkes-mask-anonymous-fears-crackdown/

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