Reports: Boston Marathon bombing suspect in custody?!/freddoso/status/323897226944458754

Several media outlets are reporting that police have a identified a suspect in today’s horrific bombings and are guarding the suspect in a hospital:

A suspect has been ID’ed according to @teamcavuto

— NTARC (@NTARC) April 15, 2013

NY Post says Authorities have a identified a suspect, who is currently being guarded in a Boston hospital with shrapnel wounds. #tcot

— Hammy (@e2pilot) April 15, 2013

BREAKING: Cops guarding a suspect in Boston hospital after explosions. Watch for updates:

— New York Post (@nypost) April 15, 2013

CBS News also quoting law enforcement official saying they have a surveillance photo of potential suspect

— Sam Stein (@samsteinhp) April 15, 2013


Source: Authorities still trying to determine if “person of interest” is a victim or a perpetrator.

— Mike Levine (@MikeLevineFNC) April 15, 2013


The question of whether or not a suspect is in custody appears to be in dispute, with a Boston PD spokesperson reportedly saying that “at this time, we haven’t been notified of any arrests or anyone apprehended.”

BPD: No arrests have been made, NYPost story info did not come from them.…

— Emily Zanotti (@emzanotti) April 15, 2013

The Boston police commissioner has just echoed that statement:

“There is no suspect in custody,” Boston police commissioner says.

— Matt Viser (@mviser) April 15, 2013

Boston Police Commissioner on CNN: “We are questioning a lot of people but no one in custody at this moment” #BostonMarathon

— Ahmed Al Omran (@ahmed) April 15, 2013

Boston PD Commissioner says “there is no one in custody.” Questioning of unknown # of people continuing; no one in custody.

— attackerman (@attackerman) April 15, 2013

Worth keeping in mind:

SUSPECT?: Boston Police say no one in custody. BUT not necess. a conflict w/ other reports that police watching injured person at hospital.

— Lisa Desjardins (@LisaDCNN) April 15, 2013


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