Reps say Shirley Temple not on Twitter; Impostor account hawking Viagra!/yvettenbrown/status/295188683810811904

New followers of the recently launched @TempleShirleyJ Twitter account were stunned today when the feed turned into a virtual billboard for Viagra, work-at-home scams and other iffy “opportunities.”

Went to unfollow ‘Shirley Temple’ account and see this.In the immortal words of Tracey Jordan: “What the WHAT?!”…

— Joel Williams (@joelrwilliams1) January 26, 2013

Many thought Shirley Temple Black had been hacked.

I think @templeshirleyj got hacked. Isn’t that a terrorist act? Thought Shirley Temple was sacrosanct. #WhatIsTheWorldComingTo

— Hollis (@hollisst) January 26, 2013

And the account’s already hacked. Geez. RT @jvindc: A truly remarkable American, @templeshirleyj just joined Twitter. #TGDN #TCOT

— He’s dead, Jim (@JVinDC) January 26, 2013

Shirley Temple was on twitter for 2 days and got hacked. RT @templeshirleyj Have you heard millions of people are making $5k+/Mo from home?

— ☠Simone Turkington☠ (@Tikidoll) January 26, 2013

But it appears the actress was never on Twitter to begin with.

Somebody pulled a ” Manti Te’o ‘s Fake Dead Girlfriend” on Shirley Temple’s twitter account and fooled thelame stream media.And me

— Jonathan Solin(@JonnySoul90210) January 26, 2013

Twitchy also accepted the New York Post’s “confirmation” that an unverified Shirley Temple Twitter account was the real deal. But the legendary actress’ reps say she’s not on Twitter.

EXCLUSIVE:Representatives of Shirley Temple tell @dialmformovies that @templeshirleyj is not the Twitter account of Shirley Temple

— Rhett Bartlett (@dialmformovies) January 26, 2013

‘Shirley does not have a Twitter account. She leads a very private life + seldom makes public appearances’ – Rep to @dialmformovies

— Rhett Bartlett (@dialmformovies) January 26, 2013

Further to earlier tweet.’Legend Films’ rep who looks after official Shirley Website says ‘Shirley does not have twitter’.

— Rhett Bartlett (@dialmformovies) January 26, 2013

Several celebs (and Piers Morgan) seemed to think the impostor account was real, adding to the confusion.

Tweetiepies! Look who’s on twitter!! The one and only Shirley Temple-Black!!! Say hi!! @templeshirleyj (Working on getting her verified)

— Melissa Gilbert (@MelissaEGilbert) January 24, 2013

@templeshirleyjThank you!! I always envied you dancing with Bojangles!!

— Dick Van Dyke (@iammrvandy) January 24, 2013

Shirley Temple joined Twitter today. Yes, that Shirley Temple. @templeshirleyj

— Lee Unkrich (@leeunkrich) January 24, 2013

“@sengaeriel: What would you do a lowlife if he hacked your account like @templeshirleyj?” I hope that Shirley doesn’t leave over this event

— William Shatner (@WilliamShatner) January 26, 2013

Welcome to Twitter @templeshirleyj – please come on my CNN show, would love to interview you.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) January 25, 2013

Sigh. The confusion about Honey Boo Boo was apparently too good to be true. Twitchy apologizes for the error.

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