‘Rush Babes for America’ surpasses NOW’s followers, Left responds with misogyny


Gee, why the disgusting sexism, toots?

That Didn’t Take Long… ‘Rush Babes For America’ Already Has More Followers Than NOW http://t.co/XAakd99G

— LoriGirl★μολών λαβέ (@conservtivemom) May 10, 2012

Ah, that’s why. How dare women stray from the plantation and not allow NOW to speak for all women? More from The Daily Caller:

Twenty-four hours later, Limbaugh’s page devoted to conservative women had more than 33,800 “likes.”

The National Organization for Women launched its main Facebook page on June 17, 2008. At time of publication, that page had 28,146.

Limbaugh launched the new Facebook page as a direct response to NOW’s campaign to get him off the air. The conservative host explained Tuesday that he believes NOW does not represent the views of a majority of American women.

“[W]hat ‘Rush Babes for America’ is about is posting stories and ideas that happen here on the program, and occasionally elsewhere,” he said Tuesday, “and inviting all of you to participate in conversations on Facebook with other women about what matters to you as a means of demonstrating just what a minority the National Organization for Women and its so-called affiliates really are.”

NOW president Terry O’Neill told Politico Wednesday morning that Limbaugh’s antics are part of his bullying tactics.

Bullying! That’s rich coming from a group that attempts to bully and shame women into walking in lock-step.

Rush Babes are driving America while listening to @rushlimbaugh

— Kim_D (@_kim37) May 10, 2012

Exactly. From our small towns that are anything but bitter.

Oh, Dear. Rush is about to mention a 'Rush babes' Facebook group. Tune in now for more misogyny! #StopRush

— Highly scatological (@RaisingOneBrow) May 8, 2012

That’s right; you can tune in now for misogyny. From the Left. See, Lefties aren’t happy about this, so they go all-in on their predictable sexism.

I envision the Rush Babes for America looking like a cross between a Ted Nugent groupie and Karl Rove in a tube top. Sexy.

— mike carbonara (@goombatoons) May 10, 2012

I predict that Rush Babes for America will entice the ladies like a Fatty Arbuckle Hollywood party, and will be as successful and memorable.

— mike carbonara (@goombatoons) May 10, 2012

Sorry, cupcake. It’s successful and has passed NOW in less than 24 hours.

Can't wait to see the Rush Babes for America! Michele Bachmann's already taking Swiss citizenship…the rats are leaving the Titanic.

— mike carbonara (@goombatoons) May 10, 2012

"Rush Babes for America" sounds like the way one used to think of "Baywatch", in that it was almost sleezy enough to be porn, but it wasn't.

— mike carbonara (@goombatoons) May 10, 2012

Of course. Sexualize and demean conservative women. That’s standard operating procedure for the misogynist Left.


@LOLGOP Rush Babes a place for sluts who don't expect to be paid for sex, and know when to shut up. http://t.co/0yxp6aCo

— Marco Dominguez (@MarcoIsAwake) May 9, 2012

.@aprilmacie The "Rush Babes for America hate / want to fuck their daddies more than any stripper in the land.

— Tim Stotz (@tim_stotz) May 9, 2012

Today's feminist rage brought to you by Rush Limbaugh (again) http://t.co/8mJHCRF8 I cannot believe there are women who agree with him.

— Heidi (@neonlines) May 10, 2012

Obviously, there are many who do even if you don’t consider them “authentic women.”

Rush Babes for America Facebook Page Blasts Myth That Women are Monolithic – The Rush Limbaugh Show http://t.co/WQS7aviU

— TIM CHRISTIANS (@timchristians) May 10, 2012

That’s right. Contrary to the opinion of the Left, women can, and do, think for themselves. Women aren’t all “Julias.


Stay classy, Left.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/05/10/rush-babes-for-america-surpasses-nows-followers-left-responds-with-misogyny/

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