Sen. Chuck Grassley: Increase deer hunting to reduce auto-deer accidents!/ChuckGrassley/status/270331152643002368

Seen dead deer on way church. They didn’t hit my car Unsafe if u drive in area where deer congregateIowa needs longerseason to kill more

— ChuckGrassley (@ChuckGrassley) November 19, 2012

Of course, every wiseacre on Twitter felt compelled  to weigh in:

SAVE THE HUMANS cc: @chuckgrassley #DeerMenace

— Simon Maloy (@SimonMaloy) November 19, 2012

The venison at @chuckgrassley‘s Thanksgiving dinner must be amazing.

— Ben Jacobs (@benhjacobs) November 19, 2012

@brianbeutler @chuckgrassley Guns don’t kill people, deer kill people.

— Jeremy Boyce (@drjwboyce) November 19, 2012

If I read @chuckgrassley‘s timeline correctly, despondent deer are throwing themselves in front of cars rather than live in Obama’s America.

— Steve Ferra (@AbPow) November 19, 2012

Most tweeters took it as a given that Grassley is senile, confused, and very, very mistaken:

@chuckgrassley cause the real killer of Americans is Bambi… #moron #p2 #tcot

— R. Paine (@ArrghPaine) November 19, 2012

@chuckgrassley Man, you should see a doctor

— Paolo Polledri (@paolo_sf) November 19, 2012

.@chuckgrassley u monster

— emmet (@emmet_smith) November 19, 2012

.@chuckgrassley When I think of all the murders deer have committed, I can only thank you sir for standing up for the rights of humans.

— @boopumpkins (@boopumpkins) November 19, 2012

Is that @chuckgrassley account real?Or just some sort of art?

— Will Barrett (@lawyerbarrett) November 19, 2012

@chuckgrassley Acting as if you can draw a sound conclusion based on seeing one dead deer on the side of the road is height of stupidity.

— Schmendrick (@ATLGreg1) November 19, 2012

Assume @chuckgrassleyready for Shady Pines.

— trifecta (@3fecta) November 19, 2012

In fact, Grassley is correct. In many parts of the country (you know, the kind of places where “bitter clingers” live), automobile accidents involving deer are common, dangerous, and sometimes deadly. And, yes, hunting obviously can reduce deer populations.

I am surprisingly in agreement with @chuckgrassley here. Deer are cute but I know a lot of people who’ve collided with ‘em.

— Sam Bailey (@entropymedia) November 19, 2012

@benhjacobs @entropymedia yeah in places with a lot of deer, they’re absolute menaces on the road. people die all the time from collisions

— parva x (@parva_x) November 19, 2012

@benhjacobs @entropymedia and at least in PA, hunting season is only about 6 weeks total, split up throughout the year

— parva x (@parva_x) November 19, 2012

@benhjacobs @parva_x I grew up in Maine and it definitely is a huge concern up there. I even see them close to NY – on merritt parkway. sad

— Sam Bailey (@entropymedia) November 19, 2012

Sen. Grassley may not have the best punctuation and grammar, but he has more common sense than all of his anti-hunting critics combined.

By the way, November is the worst month for auto-deer accidents. Let’s be careful out there!

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