Sen. King fails to explain disaster of Obamacare by saying ‘there’s no such thing’!/ChuckCJohnson/status/450326956098084864

If you listen to the Left long enough, you will hear all kinds of excuses for the disaster that is Obamacare. Maine’s Angus King, who is supposedly an independent, dropped a new one on “Fox News Sunday” this morning:!/PounderFile/status/450266213214871552

With all of the delays to the law, he might have an indirect point. But seriously, in what world do they live?!/drhoagie/status/450309670067240960!/ShaunfromEP/status/450313404436078592


No they can’t. Obamacare is becoming a greater political liability by the day, and they know it.!/sunnyright/status/450272244338786304

The Weekly Standard has video of King’s appearance.


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