Several tweeters downplay significance of Brookfield shooting!/MsJacksonQueenB/status/260063180141780992

Why would anyone downplay or make light of a mass shooting? Apparently, some are not that concerned about a gunman opening fire in a public area and wounding 7.

@santi_ginebra they didn’t even catch the guy yet so he’s running loose in Brookfield right now haha

— Matt Mueller (@mattmueller25) October 21, 2012

Lmfao , Brookfield Square got shot up ?

— Lay Easy Mira . (@Liddo_Neshhh) October 21, 2012

Lmfao ! RT “@porshaaaa_: Lol now everybody was on they way to Brookfield? Until they got the news? Lol lawdddddd”

— Khadijah. Right? – (@DijahDee_) October 21, 2012

Everytime somebody get shot and killed in milwaukee that person just another statistic but in brookfield it’s like a terrorist attack #smh

— Kenyatta Johnson (@GreatDescendant) October 21, 2012

They Turnt UP in BrookField Lol some white boy ain’t get 2013 Lmfaooo

— Tatter(@Road_RICHESS) October 21, 2012


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