Sickening: Groupies tweet their lust for Aurora shooting suspect!/aguywithnolife/status/226431126271586304

Utterly stomach-turning.

Most of us look at Aurora shooting suspect James Holmes and see the face of evil. We grieve for the victims and struggle to come to terms with the horrific darkness that shattered so many lives.

And then there are the disturbed and disturbing Twitter users who see not the face of evil, but the face of a total hottie.

I think James Holmes is kinda hot. I'd hit it.

— Jesse Joseph (@jessejoseph) July 22, 2012

murderer or no, James Holmes is hot.

— taco (@tacotara) July 22, 2012

James Holmes's hair quite cute. Me LIKE ^^

— Stella Teo ❃ (@limingxoxo) July 24, 2012

If James Holmes would shave his head or dye his hair back to normal color, I'd say he's cute. #unpopularopinion

— negative nancy. (@LaDisputa_) July 23, 2012

I mean I thought James Holmes was looking kinda cute in the court room, lololol

— $ (@StephiSantana) July 24, 2012

Call it bad taste, but James Holmes is cute.

— Michael Tillmon, Jr. (@hotterthanjuly) July 20, 2012

James Holmes, pretty cute. Just saying…

— Courtney Wantmore (@cWANTMORE) July 20, 2012

No words RT @u_abusebeercans Is it just me, or does James Holmes look sexy as hell?

— ☾★Christina ღ (@HeartStark) July 20, 2012

One person even declared support for the alleged murderer of a dozen moviegoers, including a 6-year-old girl.

A handful of Twitter users noticed the revolting trend and hit back:

I don't get how anyone could think James Holmes is cute. What the fuck is wrong with you.

— Belle (@astro_cake) July 23, 2012

ok let me correct that tweet. If you think James holmes is hot and u want to be with him. go to the nearest cliff and jump off

— Tiffany S (@TinyTiff_4life) July 23, 2012

@Independentx011 whoever tweets Holmes is cute should lose their finger tips..and twitpic their hands #jamesholmes

— lynda514 (@lynda514) July 23, 2012

Some bitch just said James Holmes is hot and us "people" need to get over it. Okay, let someone kill your family and see how you like it

— College Drunk (@collegedrunkk) July 21, 2012

If anyone needs us, we’ll be weeping for humanity.

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