Something Is Seriously Weird About These Shadows They Don’t Add Up

Shadow puppets are a great way to entertain children, adults, and even pets. If you can contort your body or hands in front of a light source, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

But these people and things weren’t contorting themselves at all — they just happened to make crazy-weird shadows. Some don’t necessarily seem to add up when you take a closer look…

1. Van or evil van-dragon?

2. Now that’s some epic branding.

3. I’m so very confused.

4. Pizza Hut looks like a man with a hat.

5. This is pretty creepy…are they shadows of a bun or three guys sneaking up on her?

6. I would NOT want to use this bathroom…

7. It’s a star-spangled shadow.

8. I’m going to have nightmares about this mask.

9. Goodwill, meet Badwill.

10. The reaper watches over this church at night.

11. Okay, that’s pretty cute, phone.

12. Is it a pen or a water bottle?

13. Well, that’s not what it says!

14. I’m not sure why he has paper over his face…I’m also not sure how he creates that weird shadow.

15. Man + Dog = Centaur

16. Umm, where’d this car’s shadow go?

17. Nice ‘stache, lady.

18. Number one: you need to vacuum. Number two: this is terrifying.

19. Oh, hey!

20. I’ll drink to this corkscrew making a double helix!

21. This flower-squirrel must be lost.

22. I’m Batman.

(via LifeBuzz)

These shadows are strange as can be. They’d also probably scare you in the middle of the night…or, y’know, midday.

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