Teen Fatally Shot During Fight That Allegedly Started On Facebook

Kierra’onna Rice, 14, was fatally shot and two others were injured after agreeing to meet in a park to deal with a Facebook argument, according to reports. Police told Alabama’s Fox 6 that the teens planned to record the fight and post it online.

1. Kierra’onna Rice, 14, died at the hospital from injuries she received Friday night during a fight that allegedly started on Facebook, Fox 6 reported.

“This was an absolutely senseless killing,” said Lt. Sean Edwards of the Birmingham Police Department.

Police responded to reports of gunshots Friday around 6:15 p.m. on Birmingham’s west side.

Kierra’onna Rice and two other teenagers were transported to the Baptist Princeton Medical Center. Rice died at the hospital due to injuries sustained in the shooting.

2. To deal with an ongoing Facebook argument, several girls decided to meet in a park on Friday to physically fight it out, police said.

Police said the teens planned to record the fight to post it on social media.

Two male suspects, ages 17 and 19, started shooting guns after the girls arrived at the park. The men have been arrested, Fox reported.

“They took it upon themselves to fire recklessly into a crowd,” Edwards said.

Edwards added that there was nothing to indicate the shooting was planned.

Police said one of the suspects was dating one of the girls involved in the fight.

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