The 12 best tweets about Dana Loesch’s new superpower!/ChrisLoesch/status/203616675524919296

As we reported earlier tonight Dana Loesch, of CNN and Breitbart’s Big Journalism, smacked down Tommy Christopher for implying that she was in DC during a secret meeting with Mitt Romney. But, given that Dana was live on the air in St. Louis during the meeting, Dana would’ve had to instantaneously transport herself to DC in order to make any kind of meeting . Thus #TeleportingDana was born.

#TeleportingDana Able to pwn Mediaite hacks with a single hashtag! @tommyxtopher

— Kevin Alderman (@StroKevin) May 18, 2012

BREAKING- NORAD unveils new DANA TRACKER. Follow as she jumps through time and space. #teleportingdana @DLoesch

— Michael Thomas (@Denverslim14) May 18, 2012!/KentAtwater/status/203621980170223617

oh…and @Dloesch can you go back to the mid 80's & tell us all to chill with the great big hair? #TeleportingDana #photos-my-kids-laugh-at

— Katie O'Malley (@katieomalley) May 18, 2012

The new conservative superhero #TeleportingDana

— Marooned in Marin (@MaroonedInMarin) May 18, 2012

@lamblock @DLoesch so THAT'S how Breitbart got into Weiner's house to hack his twitter while Weiner was out of the room… #teleportingdana

— Simon Templar (@SimonTemplarPV) May 18, 2012

The Flash needs a super-suit, yet with a mere wink @DLoesch becomes #TeleportingDana

— Cowgirl Amy (@cowgirlgrfx) May 18, 2012

Jet Setters are jealous of @DLoesch She's 4G to their 3G #TelePortingDana

— Gary Eaton (@garysteveneaton) May 18, 2012

#TeleportingDana, banned in China with all the other time travel shows. Also because she hates commies. @DLoesch

— Virginia Kruta (@VAKruta) May 18, 2012

While being powerful and oh so fashionable @DLoesch defeats media hacks using her secret #TeleportingDana powers!

— Melissia (@ProudoftheUSA) May 18, 2012

#TeleportingDana teleported to the Koch Brothers time machine and wrote Obama's 1991 bio. @ChrisLoesch @DLoesch

— Mark Trueblood (@MarkTrueblood) May 18, 2012

Dana’s husband Chris has a challenge for this hashtag.

Support @DLoesch Who was lied about because she's great at analysis. They accuse her of a new power… -> #TeleportingDana Trend it!

— Chris Loesch (@ChrisLoesch) May 18, 2012

What do you guys say? Can you make it trend?

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