The straw man is strong in this one: Libs ride #notetotheodiousgop into the sunset!/Houckadoodledoo/status/340968292208476160

We don’t see the word “odious” in a hashtag very often, so for that reason—along with so many responses being hilariously devoid of party introspection and heavy in psychological projection—below is a selection from the Left’s #notetotheodiousgop.

Peruse the selection and you’ll see there are more straw men here than you’d find at your local Scarecrow Warehouse outlet.!/CletisStump/status/341332112269533184!/rjoseph7777/status/341353056455237632!/wildthing404/status/341335530253983744!/GrooveSDC/status/341358311528099840!/iRhysTay/status/341341434290507778!/CletisStump/status/341334675672936448

The previous tweet was preceded by…!/wildthing404/status/341327798964744192

We now return you to your regularly scheduled low information voter tweet-fest:!/CletisStump/status/341327666470846464!/CletisStump/status/341327818912833538!/Houckadoodledoo/status/340968292208476160!/BrianWi82123062/status/341322894820913152

Is there even any room left for food stamp expansion?

One more:!/SaysSheToday/status/341341412798898178

Er, okay, if you say so.

However, since all’s fair in love, war and hashtag games, some happy warriors, and maybe even a couple of unhappy ones from philosophical parts unknown, weighed in:!/ROSHAMB0/status/341353035466960896!/Marathonpundit/status/341364678682898432!/dlgarrison/status/341361708268417025!/TimothyODonnel2/status/341352409269936128!/vmpcott/status/341351920176345088!/mmaleta85/status/341348509221543936

We’re not sure which side this person is on, but it’s kind of funny nonetheless:!/MaulofAmerica/status/341352809075187712

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