‘The witch is dead’: Sick depravity continues over Thatcher’s death


Yes, look. If you can stomach it. As we reported earlier, twisted sickos took to Twitter to dance on Margaret Thatcher’s grave.

Some have now headed to Facebook to spread their sick hate.

Seeing lots of stuff like this https://t.co/VNbAwwiJD9

— Michael C Moynihan (@mcmoynihan) April 8, 2013

Others are continuing on Twitter, using the deplorable hashtag #DingDongTheWickedWitchIsDead.

Whether you agree with someone or not, death should rarely be celebrated, #dingdongthewickedwitchisdead you all are wicked vile nasty people

— Ricky (@RickyJKirby) April 8, 2013

The true face, character and courtesy of the left revealed see: #dingdongthewickedwitchisdead made me ill but at least the lefty mask drops.

— Elliot Nichols (@nichols_elliot) April 8, 2013


Hate, unmasked:

OH MY GOSH THATCHER'S DEAD! #dingdongthewickedwitchisdead

— Caitlin Brannigan ن (@aikaterine7) April 8, 2013

Whos having a street party tonighy then? #Thatcher #dingdongthewickedwitchisdead

— Paul Ryan (@IronPaulRyan) April 8, 2013



@phil_nicholas @anthea_bailey @arbolioto @danhannanmep party at mine tonight. #dingdongthewickedwitchisdead

— Nick Brown (@LordBrown77) April 8, 2013


Yass the cows deed!! #dingdongthewickedwitchisdead

— IAMSHAUN (@shaunedmonds_) April 8, 2013


@Reverend_Makers Literally trying to organise a party in west yorks as we speak #dingdongthewickedwitchisdead

— Lee (@AKA_lee240788) April 8, 2013

party time #dingdongthewickedwitchisdead

— angie murray (@angibabi77) April 8, 2013

Waheyy! thatchers finally croaked it! #DINGDONGTHEWICKEDWITCHISDEAD

— becc eyn0n (@becc_eynon) April 8, 2013


#thatcher Scotland set for massive party #dingdongthewickedwitchisdead enjoy the lake of fire

— sean walker (@yohaw) April 8, 2013

Today Should Be A Bank Holiday! #DingDongTheWickedWitchIsDead #JFT96 #TheNorthRemembers #WereGonnaHaveAParty #CauseMaggieThatcherDied

— Daniel Andrews (@Danny_A88) April 8, 2013


— Dark Thor's Kettle (@CelticKaty88) April 8, 2013

Whos having a street party tonighy then? #Thatcher #dingdongthewickedwitchisdead

— Paul Ryan (@IronPaulRyan) April 8, 2013

Please seek help.


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