There’s Something Hiding Underneath The Streets Of London, And It’s Not A Bunch Of Rats.

There’s something extremely awesome happening underneath the city of London. Walk into the House of Vans and head down the stairs to find a series of tunnels with seriously cool stuff going on. You’ll see skateboarders riding up and down ramps, rappers performing on stage, and cool art hanging around the area. These tunnels have it all. Take a look!

The House of Vans exterior. Doesn’t look like much is going on here, does it?

Well, head down to the tunnels and take a little bit of a walk.

Okay, this thing has some serious potential.

I mean, look at this cool artwork.


Of course anyone who gets to hang out in tunnels that are this cool can do all sort of things.


(via Lost at E Minor)

Whoa. If you’re in London, then you have to check out these awesome tunnels. You have no idea what you’ll come across.

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