These Real Castles Aren’t In Medieval Europe. They May In Your Town.

What do you think of when someone says the word “castle?” (Aside from Nathan Fillion’s awesome character, of course.) Elegant spires in the French countryside? Victor von Frankenstein’s tower in Transylvania? How about …Cleveland?

Although they are modestly billed as ‘estates’ or even ‘houses,’ there are some absolutely insanely huge homes in American cities. They weren’t necessarily designed as a fortification against marauding enemies and peasants, but there is no doubt that these homes would be considered castles during times of old.

1.) Dallas – TX

2.) Cedar Rapids – IA

3.) Chicago – IL

4.) Toronto – CAN

5.) Charleston, SC

6.) Nashville – TN

7.) San Francisco – CA

8.) Dallas – TX

9.) Chicago – IL

10.) Oklahoma City – OH

11.) Los Angeles – CA

12.) Dallas – TX

13.) Huntsville – AL

14.) La Quinta – CA

15.) Milwaukee – WI

16.) San Francisco – CA

17.) Santa Barbara – CA

18.) Minneapolis – MN

19.) Cleveland – OH

20.) Los Angeles – CA

21.) Detroit – MI

22.) Cincinnati – OH

23.) Oklahoma City – OK

Does anyone else ever think about how with big houses like this it’d be easy to secretly live in some back room without the owners finding out? Just me? Alright…uhhh, castles right?

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