This Couple Is Auctioning Off Tickets To Their Vegas Wedding Starting At $300

The wedding will be the day before St. Patrick’s Day, and a winning bid does not include hotels or airfare.

1. Irish couple Patsy O’Connor, 39, and Radina Hadzhieva, 28, are planning to get married on March 16 in Las Vegas, and plan on throwing a big bash.

2. Like many couples, O’Connor and Hadzhieva were taken aback by the high cost of weddings once they started planning their nuptials, with the bills amounting to about $20,000. Which gave them an idea.

3. The duo, who live in Sofia, Bulgaria, are inviting anyone to crash their wedding, and are auctioning off six tickets starting at $300 a pop on their website,

“We don’t need the cash,” O’Connor, a web designer, told BuzzFeed Life. “It’s Internet fun more than anything.”

4. The couple, who met eight months ago, said they were inspired by the recent increase in couples who crowdsource their weddings.

“I had a different idea,” O’Connor wrote on their website. “We decided to throw something unique into the equation. Invite 6 random strangers to the wedding, but here is the twist. They have to bid online for this privilege!!! My future wife agreed to this idea instantly, the thoughts of having 6 random strangers at her wedding did not bother her in the slightest.”

5. So, what does that $300 get you? An open bar, for starters.

According to their website, “The wedding consists of a matrimonial ceremony, a full sit down meal, open bar, character filled and fun fueled guest list, DJ, dancing and general all round shenanigans! After the event we will be heading down to Fremont Street to continue the party.”

6. After an uproar online due to reports the couple was trying to use the auction to entirely fund their wedding, the two announced today that they will donate 90% of the money to charity.

“In case you are wondering where the other 10% goes it will be invested wisely behind a bar in Vegas,” they wrote on their Facebook page.

7. So far, the couple has only received one bid through their site, for $350.

O’Connor told BuzzFeed that they had received an offer from a businessman to buy all six seats, but they turned him down.

8. Though anyone can partake in the festivities, flights and hotel costs are not included.

O’Connor is also hoping they can convince business to fund the limo, hotel and flight expenses, a Disneyland honeymoon, and a gambling budget.

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