This New Trend Makes Me Want To Puke — It’s So Gross

Kids always look for the newest trends. Whether a style of clothing, a video game, or the latest tech, if it’s cool, they need it. Things like this are usually passing fads, but like tattoos, some trends are little bit harder to get rid of than others.

Take these LED implants that you place under your skin, for example.

About the size of a small coin, the Northstar V1 is a silicone-coated chip that’s illuminated with LED lights.

The chip is designed to emulate bioluminescence, which is a natural phenomenon that occurs in animals like butterflies and deep-sea fish.

Since these require surgery, many doctors are unwilling to do the procedure. Sadly, this often leads to dangerous self-surgery. Others seek help from professional body modification artists like Jowan Österlund.

He recently installed three of these at a Cyborg Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany. Making a small incision in the skin, the chip is inserted just beneath the surface.

Tim Cannon, the founder of the company that created the device, was one of these three people. The original device, called Circadia, was the size of a pack of cigarettes, and it was designed to record data from the user’s body.

While the implants are pretty gross, these little ones record similar data. They use health monitoring software and transfer that data to linked mobile devices.

But honestly, these implants can’t be safe. Just get a Fitbit, okay?

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