This Prehistoric Turtle Can Bite Your Arm Off, So When He Does This You’ll Freak

If you’re living somewhere like rural New England or perhaps in the middle of America, you might think you’re safe from any dangerous reptiles. I mean, that’s the sole reason you’re not living in Australia with the venomous snakes and the crocodiles…right? (Is that just me?)

But there is something that lurks in our ponds and swamps that could be equally as harmful…should you cross it on a bad day. Snapping turtles, like most dangerous creatures, usually keep to themselves, but if you enter their personal space or provoke them in any way, they’re capable of totally wrecking you.

Yeah, pineapple is a fruit, but just take a second to remember how tough the skin is.

They’re totally unfazed by size differences.

While these turtles tend to move slowly…their strike definitely isn’t sluggish.

Oh, and just because they prefer to move slowly…doesn’t mean they can’t move fast.

All these are reasons why it’s so shocking what this guy does when he sees one…

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Meet ‘Tank’, Steve Gilfillan’s Snapping Turtle. Possibly the b…

Meet ‘Tank’, Steve Gilfillan’s Snapping Turtle. Possibly the best behaved snapper in the world!

Posted by The Reptile Report on Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why? How does one make friends with a snapping turtle? The answer is you don’t. Seriously, appreciate their majesty from afar, and do not follow this guy’s lead. Scroll back up to the pineapple if you need a reminder as to why!

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