Time to #FreeJoe? Biden’s been awfully quiet during scandalpalooza


The VP delivered a commencement address at the University of Pennsylvania on Monday. And on Tuesday, he made headlines for embracing the “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” school of gun-control thought. But as the IRS, AP and Benghazi scandals make for a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week at the White House, Twitter users note that Joe Biden seems to be muzzled again.

Where’s Biden been? #FreeJoe

— Matt Cover (@MattCover) May 17, 2013

Did they put y’all back in chains, Uncle Joe?

Where has Joe Biden been lately. They must have him heavily sedated and locked in a room somewhere.

— Al Isley (@shag50) May 16, 2013

?Anybdy know where’s Biden these days?Witness Protection Program maybe?

— Kathy McLaughlin (@akathy) May 16, 2013

Where’s Biden-“Gird your loins” been lately?

— Don Caudill (@DonCaudill) May 17, 2013

Where’s Joe Biden in all of this mess? I don’t see him defending the president…

— Luke Lucent (@ctown821) May 17, 2013

Where is Joe Biden in all these White House scandals? Have to heard a peep.

— Skip Creswell (@skipcreswell) May 16, 2013

You know, where is Biden in all this? I don’t hear “stand by your man” playing. Bueller, Bueller?

— Ian Larson (@larsony_3) May 16, 2013

Anybody seen Joe “We Didn’t Know!” Biden?Where is that laughing idiot?Why isn’t he out defending the integrity of his boss?#IRSGate #tcot

— RockPrincess (@Rockprincess818) May 17, 2013

Where’s Biden? Crazy Uncle Joe is missing…..

— Nevada Nails (@gelnails2012) May 17, 2013

Ready the milk cartons!

Where in the world is Joe Biden? #tcot

— kb9ibw / Emery (@kb9ibw) May 17, 2013

@seanhannity where is Biden?Did they lock him up so he will not talk?

— Mary Kay Nussbaum(@65nhappy) May 17, 2013

Hey, it’s been known to happen.

Isn’t it time we all stood up for Biden’s right to speak freely as only Uncle Joe can?

Joe Biden would be a capper to all of this nonsense! Comedy gold! RT @mattcover: Where’s Biden been? #FreeJoe

— Travis Wallace (@travis814) May 17, 2013

Sadly, Biden’s schedule has no public events on Friday. Denying us our gaffe fix? This aggression will not stand, President Obama!


Oh, yes!

@twitchyteam Joe Biden – UNFETTERED ?

— Ron4Right (@Ron4Right) May 17, 2013

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