University of Virginia at Wise on lockdown, gunman reported on campus!/JordanFifer/status/294272035285250048

The campus of the University of Virginia at Wise was placed on lockdown tonight after reports spread of a gunman on campus.

Just got a text from school saying gunman on campus?!

— Laura Ann Thomas (@LAthomas_) January 24, 2013

ok slightly FREAKING out right now. gunman on campus?

— M O R G A N (@ohheymergan) January 24, 2013

Campus on lockdown! gunman on campus! everyone please keep safe!!!!

— Daniella Perla (@deeperla28) January 24, 2013

Locked in Commonwealth. I hope the heavy running footsteps above me are just people going to hide. #UVaWise

— Jessica S. (@JRShartou) January 24, 2013

Reports from student journo @jordanfifer say #UVAWise looking for a gunman on campus. Media relations person said, “Lockdown.” and hung up.

— skipfoster (@skipfoster) January 24, 2013

hey, im a student on lockdown. we don’t need prayers, we need more cops here to search for this mad man #UVAWise

— ahdel best (@s_t_r_i_p_e_s) January 24, 2013

Campus police officer just told me and dir of res life, “You really should be inside right now. Even I have my vest on.” #UVAWise

— Jordan Fifer (@JordanFifer) January 24, 2013

Gunman on campus wearing a ski mask please be careful #uvawise

— Kenya lyons (@Shanell_Hearts2) January 24, 2013

An alert from #UVAWise says to “hunker down,” says a “gunman” is on campus.

— Jordan Fifer (@JordanFifer) January 24, 2013

Everybody keep my lil sis @shanell_hearts2 & her college #uvawise in prayer there’s a gun-man on campus wearing a mask!!

— ❤ Jayda ❤ (@2Reazons_Y) January 24, 2013

No apparent evidence thus far of a shooting on campus. No ambulances here. But alert from #UVAWise officials did ref “gunman on campus.”

— Jordan Fifer (@JordanFifer) January 24, 2013

@nicksturrr yea a gunman it’s scary my little is there cops are busting into rooms with guns trying to find the gunman

— Danielle Holland (@LilgirlHolland) January 24, 2013

VSP sgt on scene says it may be up to an hour before lockdown lifted. Cops taking it very seriously. #UVAWise

— Jordan Fifer (@JordanFifer) January 24, 2013

@cnn @wsbtv the scene at UVA Wise.Vsp local police and campus cops on scene. Tactical weapons out#uvawise

— Heather (@littlemump) January 24, 2013

Some have tweeted that they’ve heard gunshots, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Police still looking for an alleged gunman at UVA College at Wise – no reports of shots fired or of anyone harmed. #CNN

— sgallman (@sgallman) January 24, 2013

Campus police searched closets in the room I’m locked in. Explained that the lockdown is continuing. Very courteous. #UVaWise

— Jessica S. (@JRShartou) January 24, 2013

Twitchy will continue to monitor the situation.

A tweet from the Wise County/City of Norton Commonwealth’s Attorney indicates that the incident was a hoax.

Lockdown over. It was a hoax. Everyone safe.

— Ron Elkins (@RonaldElkins) January 24, 2013

From #UVaWise: “Lockdown lifted. All clear.”

— Jordan Fifer (@JordanFifer) January 24, 2013

David Frum managed to sneak in a call for some sort of action just about 10 minutes before the incident was revealed to have been a hoax.

If international terrorists were regularly attacking schools & campuses and killing people, we’d do something, right?

— davidfrum (@davidfrum) January 24, 2013

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