Van Jones: ‘White’ gunman seen as ‘nice kid with mental health issues’!/fjoem/status/470781873049059329

We haven’t heard many people describe alleged mass killer Elliot Rodger as “a nice kid,” though few who’ve seen excerpts of his videos or his written manifesto would disagree that he had serious mental issues.

Rodger is believed to have shot himself to death, which precludes any trial by jury. Nevertheless, Van Jones suspects Rodger will be remembered as “a nice kid.” Why? Because he was white (well, half-white actually — Rodger had a Malaysian mother and described himself as Eurasian). Isn’t that how it always goes?!/VanJones68/status/470780436965097472

Actually, he stabbed a few men to death as well. Hopefully that won’t hurt his image as a “nice white kid,” but that depends on whom you ask.!/Hoppalicious/status/470781620098957313

black shooter: genetically predisposed thug
white shooter: its autism, videogames, divorce, mental health, etc.. @ZerlinaMaxwell— Candace Brown (@CandaceTX) May 26, 2014!/DrChrisMD/status/470797111680708611

OK, let’s have a dialogue.!/WhitePatriotGOP/status/470813124472209408!/StParmenide/status/470781650105036801!/AndrewLivingst2/status/471001817481240576!/AndrewLivingst2/status/471012245796028416


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