What People Are Finding All Around This City Is Suuuuuper Freaky…How Is This Art?

In 2016, the definition of “art” is a lot more flexible than it used to be. This lack of concrete specifications has led to the rise of some seriously creepy things now being classified as a form of creative expression. A few years ago, they probably would have simply been considered evil pranks.

Take, for example, what’s happening in Denver right now…

For the last several months, The Mile-High City has been plagued by an outbreak of plastic baby faces.

The faces are plastered on curbs, medians, and buildings all over town. So far, no artist has come forward to claim credit.

While they’re obviously very freaky to look at, they don’t seem to be scaring too many of the locals.

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When a few creepy faces appeared on his property, Joseph Ramirez, owner of Mutiny Information Cafe, told FOX31, “We thought it was cool so we left it up.”

People have taken it upon themselves to hunt for the faces in unexpected places.

While most remain in pristine condition…

Others have unfortunately been defamed.

(via FOX31)

A few folks also interviewed by the news station said they know the artist who’s been putting up the faces, but they refused to name names.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/baby-face-art/

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